Vegetable Sambar

Sambar needs no introduction and it is a  healthy dish that is prepared in many different ways. It is a simple but very yummy dish and it can be had with rice/idli/dosa.

Instant Rava Idli

Say ‘Goodbye’ to ready mix Rava Idli and try out this instant rava idli recipe. Hot steaming rava idlis are ready in a jiffy.

Thattu Vada

Thattu Vada is a very popular and healthy evening snack that is mostly found as a street food in Karur and Shevapet(Salem). Great way to have your kids eat all the veggies.

Pesal Pappu Pindi Kooram

‘Moong Dal’ in telugu is known as Pesal pappu. It is packed with protein and low carbs and it is one of the best vegetarian superfoods. This dish can be prepared with Cabbage / Snake gourd / Ridge gourd / Bottle gourd/ Chayote/Courgette.

Atkul Appam

Poha/Rice flakes is known as Atkul in Telugu. Poha is  gluten free, lactose free, heart healthy and fat free. They are a good source of eleven vital minerals and vitamins including iron.

Garam Borukul

Garam Borukul / Garam Pori / Garam Bhel is a popular street food. This is a guilt-free, healthy snack one can ever have.

Thatta Payir Rasam

Thatta Payir aka ‘Dhantu Pesal’ in Telugu, ‘Red Mung bean’ in English is an excellent source of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is used in making various dishes in vysya cuisine.

Red Chutney

This is a very simple chutney that comes handy when we run out of time. This remains fresh for three days when refrigerated since it does not have coconut in it. It  is a simple side dish for Appam / Idli / Dosa / Paniyaram.

Kandhipappu Keera Pindi kooram

Kandhipappu in Telugu is aka Toor dal. This is a very simple but very delicious,healthy dal that can be made with greens. It is usually made with any greens that has an edible stalk.

Pulusu Dosa

Pulusu Dosa is an authentic Vysya Cuisine. It is a very tasty dosa that needs no fermenting. You can make the dosas right away! Also, this needs no side dish and can be eaten with raw onions/powdered sugar/ghee/butter/curd/pickles.