Easy Bhel Puri

Puffed rice aka Pori/Borukul is a low calorie cereal. I will be posting various recipes that can be made with this. One such recipe is Bhel Puri a healthy, low-fat, tasty savoury snack.

Easy Pav Bhaji Masala

Pav Bhaji is a fast food from Maharashtra and it’s one of our favourites at home. You can make it healthier by adding more veggies. I prefer brown bread over the traditional ‘pav’. 

Badam Kheer

Badam aka Almonds are a good source of nutrients which contains vitamin E, folate and unsaturated fatty acids that are important for brain health. This is a simple yet very tasty and healthy kheer. It can be served both hot and chilled. Ingredients: Almonds: 75 g Milk: 6 cups (boiled) Sugar: ¾ cup Saara pappu/Chironji:…

Sambar for Uthappam

This sambar is great with ‘Uthappam’ (Check my recipe, if you haven’t). It is quite a lengthy process but worth the effort. Now, to the recipe.


Many would have known making uthappams, one of the popular dishes from South India only with the usual dosa batter. This is a different one. Do give this a try!

Instant Rava Dosa

This recipe comes to rescue when you want to make something instant, tasty, healthy(?)… that’s ok, you can ch(eat) once in a while! Yes, am talking about maida! I am not a fan of this ingredient and I try to avoid as much as I can. If you want you can substitute with wheat flour (I haven’t tried yet).

Raw Rice Dosa

This dosa is prepared during Ananthapadmanba Swamy Vritham aka Anantha Vritham pooja. As it is offered to Lord it uses only raw rice unlike ordinary dosa that uses boiled rice.

Gunta Pangalam – Kaaram

Gunta ponganalu aka Kuzhi paniyaram is a yummy treat. It can be prepared as a sweet and spicy dish.

Sponge Dosa

As the name suggests is very spongy and of course very tasty dosa! It is aka called Set dosa.