Keera Majiga Pulusu

Majiga Pulusu is known as ‘Mor Kuzhambhu’ in Tamil. It is a simple yet tasty dish. This is prepared with a variety of vegetables like ash gourd, bush beans, baby potatoes, ladies finger, pathi Kaai and greens. Today I’ve prepared with spinach. Any keerai with edible stem makes a delicious mor kuzhambhu.

Keerai Pulusu

This recipe is a very simple ‘Kuzhambhu’ that is made with any greens. You can make this with Arai Keerai/Methi Keerai/Murunga Keerai/Molai Keerai etc,. Today I made with ‘Methi Leaves’.

Beerakaai Pullani Koora

‘Beerakaai’ in Telugu aka ‘Peerkangaai’ in Tamil.  Ridge Gourd is a dark green, tapering and ridged vegetable. In contrast to its dark green exterior (which is very rich in fiber) it has white spongy pulp inside with embedded white seeds. It has numerous health benefits such as reduce hyperacidity, aids weight loss, very good for diabetics, premature greying of hairs can be prevented with ridge gourd, reduces body and foot odour when used regularly. It helps to get rid of constipation.

Keerai Poriyal

This recipe is about making poriyal/koora with greens. I have made this today with ‘Ponnanganni Keerai’. You can follow the same procedure with any greens available. This is a very simple yet tasty recipe. Goes very well with rice topped with ghee and curd rice.

Potato Masal

This is a simple yet lip smacking side dish for Dosa/Chapathi/Poori. It requires simple ingredients and can be made in a jiffy.

Onion Uthappam with leftover Paal Pongal

Though ‘Paal Pongal’ is made once in a year, we might be bored after eating for both breakfast and lunch for two days continuously. I have a yummy uthappam recipe for you, to make with the leftover Paal Pongal.

Chakkara Pongal

This is one yummy dessert that is prepared with rice, milk and jaggery. This is usually made along with ‘Paal Pongal’ on Sankranti. Though the name says ‘Chakkara’, which means sugar this is prepared with jaggery and makes it rich not only in calcium but also iron. The procedure is almost similar like Paal Pongal.

Paal Pongal

Pongal is one dish which is made exclusively on Sankaranthi / Thai Thirunaal. This is an authentic Vysya cuisine and it’s usually accompanied with ‘anumulu’ pulusu which is in season during December – January.

How to select and store Broccoli?

Inorder to prepare any broccoli dishes like broccoli cutlet , broccoli soup etc., choosing the right broccoli is important. Choose broccoli with floret clusters that are compact and not bruised. They should be uniformly coloured, either dark green, sage or purple-green, depending upon variety, and with no yellowing. In addition, they should not have any yellow flowers…

Broccoli Cutlet

Broccoli is one of the best-known cruciferous vegetables and is enjoyed worldwide in various cuisines. Broccoli has cancer fighting and immune boosting properties and many health benefits.