Cornmeal Uthappam

Cornmeal Uthappam as the name suggests is an Uthappam that is made with Cornmeal. Chekku dosa is an authentic dosa that is made with coarsely ground rice and toor dal, I’ve adapted that recipe but with cornmeal instead.

Easy Radish Pulusu

Easy Radish Pulusu as the name suggests is a simple, healthy pulusu that is prepared with radish. Radishes are a very good source of vitamin C which helps to rebuild tissues and blood vessels, and keeping bones and teeth strong.

Pullani Murukku

Pullani Murukku is a savoury that is prepared with sour curd hence the name. This is a yummy scrumptious snack that is made in every Vysya household. It is one of the ‘No one can eat just one’ kinds of snack. The tanginess and spiciness is a yummy treat to your taste buds.

Green Beans Koora -2

Green Beans Koora is a poriyal/stir fry that is made with Green Beans. It is very simple and also very tasty. All the flavouring ingredients are used just to add mild flavours. So, there are no specific quantities followed. Just go by your instinct or follow this as such.

Easy Spinach Keerai Pulusu

The name easy pulusu is because there is no frying or grinding of the spices and all we need is pulusu mirappadi. So, making this is a breeze. Do check my other keerai recipes like keera majiga pulusu, avisi koora, keerai kandanchethi etc., for more keerai options.


Pittu is one of the oldest recipes followed in every Vysya household from generations to generations. It is rich in proteins as it has moong dal and chenna dal. It is a long process as it involves grinding, steaming for long time, powdering them and then dividing it into a sweet and savory dish.

Easy Carrot Pulusu

Easy Carrot Pulusu as the name suggests is an easy sambar that is made with carrots and only carrots. There are three kinds of pulusu: One with freshly grounded spices. Second, with already prepared sambar powder and grinding few more ingredients along with it.Third, is by preparing pulusu with Pulusu Mirapadi.

Pasta in White Sauce

Pasta in White Sauce needs no introduction and these days it has become the favourite of everyone. Pastas are available in many shapes and it is prepared in several ways though its origin is from Italy.

Mullu murukku

Mullu Murukku as the name suggests it has a thorny texture and fondly called as Iyer Kadai Murukku. It is a deep fried savoury snack that is prepared with rice flour and besan flour. Simple and yummy snack loved by all.

Kovai Kaalaan

Kovai Kaalan is a very popular street food that is sold in Kovai alias Coimbatore and Kaalan means mushrooms. Yummy delicious street food that can be made at home in a jiffy!!