Pappu Billalu

Pappu Billalu is a savoury snack that is prepared with rice flour. It is one of my favourites and it just tastes awesome that I can’t stop munching. It is also called as Thattu in Tamil and it is used in making Thattu Vada as famous street chaat that is very popular in Salem and Karur.

Gesaal Podi

Gesaal Podi is a powder that is prepared with poppy seeds/kasa kasa and spices. It is a very tasty podi and can be had by mixing with rice. It is usually served in Andhra Mess along with Pappula Podi. It is very easy to prepare and only requires simple ingredients.

Atkul Biriyani

Atkul Biriyani or Aval Biriyani is a simple healthy nutritious recipe that can be made without spending much cooking time. As we add all the vegetables in this atukul or aval (commonly known as poha) it is easy for the kids and elders to consume and it becomes double bonanza.

Tomato Thokku

Tomato Thokku is fondly known as ‘Thakkali Thokku’.It can be mixed with rice and uddhu pindi to make a delicious variety rice; a great accompaniment for curd rice when you can’t make any koora; an instant side dish when you make instant dosas; super accompaniment for tasty rottas.

Menthi Keera Koora

Menthi Keera Koora is a poriyal that is made with fenugreek leaves also known as Vendhaya Keerai in Tamil. This koora recipe is one of the tastiest keera koora you can ever have!! Adding generous amount of coconut and onions reduces the slight bitter taste of Methi/Menthi that even a person who hates it will love this.

Eggless Apple Semolina Cake

Eggless Apple Semolina Cake as the name suggests is an easy cake that is made with Apples and Semolina of course without eggs.

Sweet Potato – Sago Kheer

Sweet Potato – Sago kheer is one more addition to my list of Ekadashi friendly recipes. You can have this sweet potato – sago kheer if you are fasting, as it is not only tasty but also very filling.

Instant Maida Dosa

Instant Dosas comes to our rescue when you are out of dinner ideas and also out of dosa batter. Having very simple ingredients as main ingredients makes them more special. Check my other Instant Dosa varieties for more choice.

Baked Ladies Finger Koora

Baked Ladies Finger Koora as the name suggests is a poriyal/stir fry that is made with ladies finger. Koora is an essential part of South Indian meal. Ladies finger is an all time favourite veggie in the house.

Eggless French Toast

French Toast is a dish that is usually made for breakfast with bread soaked in eggs and milk. It is also called as Bombay Toast. It comes to our rescue when you want something instant and bored of usual bread recipes.