Bhagavad Gita says,

annad bhavanti bhutani

parjanyad anna-sambhavah
yajnad bhavati parjanyo
yajnah karma-samudbhavah
All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are produced from rain. Rains are produced by performance of yajna [sacrifice], and yajna is born of prescribed duties. – 3.14
rasyah snigdhah sthira hrdya
aharah sattvika-priyah
Food in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one’s existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such nourishing foods are sweet, juicy, fattening and palatable. – 17.8
Having quoted that, this website is a repository of traditional, authentic, healthy, vegetarian Vysya recipes which was and is followed for generations. As days go by, we are all being carried away with pastas, pizzas and burgers which is very sad that our kids have forgotten how to eat in a plantain leaf.
You can find few other recipes that was borrowed from other cuisines in occasions such as weddings – marriages that happened beyond boundaries and borders and those that stole our heart, from friends or those that we came across.
Opening the doors of our kitchen to yours, come let’s cook and cherish!!