Anumulu Pulusu

Anumulu Pulusu as the name suggests is a delicious pulusu that is made with Anumulu i.e avarai/motchai in Tamil. Anumulu Pulusu is made on Sankranti i.e. for Pongal festival. Markets are flooded with anumulu/motchai during the season and it is made with the fresh anumulu. Though this is made for Pongal, it tastes simply delicious when mixed with rice topped with gingelly oil. Do give this a try if you haven’t ☺!!

Serves: 4


Fresh Anumulu: 1.5 cup
Pumpkin: 250 g
Tamarind paste: 1 tsp
Jaggery: 1 tbsp
Green chilli: 2
Curry leaves: 4
Salt: as required

For Paste:

Urid dal: 1 tsp
Chenna dal: 1 tsp
Dhaniya: 3 tsp
Jeera: ½ tsp
Fenugreek: ¼ tsp
Pepper: ½ tsp
Hing: 2 pea sized pieces
Red chilli: 10
Oil: ½ tsp
Raw rice: ½ tsp
Coconut: ½ cup

For Seasoning:

Oil: 1 tsp
Mustard: ½ tsp
Curry leaves: 4 – 5


Peel the skin and scoop the seeds of the pumpkin. Wash and chop into big pieces and keep this ready.

Shell the anumulu and wash it (applicable only if you are using the fresh ones). If you are using dried ones, then soak in water at least for 12 hours or overnight priorly.


In a frying pan add a tsp of oil and add everything mentioned under ‘For Masala’ except rice and coconut. Fry until the dals turn golden brown and other spices becomes aromatic.

Finally add the raw rice and sauté until it changes colour. Switch off the flame and fry the coconut in that heat.

Once everything is cooled, grind to a fine paste adding enough water in a mixie. Keep this aside.

Cook anumulu adding enough water and little salt for 4 whistles or until soft. Once the pressure subsides drain the excess water and keep this ready.

In a saucepan add chopped pumpkin, little jaggery, little tamarind paste, little salt, slit the green chilli, 4 curry leaves and add enough water and let it cook until it becomes soft but not mushy.

Once the pumpkin is cooked, add the cooked anumulu and ground paste. Add remaining jaggery, tamarind paste and check for salt. Bring to the desired consistency by adding water if required. Let it cook and switch off the flame when it starts to boil.

In a seasoning pan do the seasoning and pour on top.

Quick Peek:

Anumulu Pulusu QP

Serve with Paal Pongal. Enjoy!!


  • Though Anumulu Pulusu is made with freshly ground spices, you can also make it with Sambar Powder and follow the steps with rice and coconut mixture, on any other day when running on hectic schedules.
  • Fresh, frozen or dried anumulu can be used for making this pulusu.
  • Adjust jaggery and tamarind paste according to your taste. Like most of the Vysya Cuisine, Anumulu Pulusu is a tangy sweet pulusu ☺!!
  • Use matured pumpkins for a tastier Anumulu Pulusu.

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