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South Park (10411) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (33) Original Work (22) South Park RPF (21) Homestuck (14) Supernatural (13) Steven Universe (Cartoon) (13) Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types (13) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (12) The Simpsons (10) Exclude Characters Kenny McCormick (5261) Kyle Broflovski (5208) Craig Tucker (5027) Sheila Broflovski Character Information Ike appears to idolize his older brother. In several episodes, he has appeared in different outfits other than his, such as in "Margaritaville", when Randy recommended that the townspeople wear bedsheets instead of normal clothes (and riding llamas, among other things) to propitiate the economy's anger, Kyle wore a red bed sheet in the form of a robe. Five years prior, Stan moved out of South Park after his parents divorced. 208 notes. Adoptive Brother Though, Kyle can also be mean and sometimes neurotic. Ike has falsely attempted suicide twice, once in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" and again in "About Last Night..." (but that was only to get to the hospital computers when he was hired by both McCain and Obama). He does not appear to have much sense of rhythm in terms of dancing however, as in "Rainforest Shmainforest"; he kept messing up every time the group performed (although in 'Elementary School Musical' this was contradicted by the fact the main boys performed a long and complicated dance routine perfectly). He is also shown to not have great oral health after getting two dental fillings in "You Have 0 Friends". Sep 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Anyon. Eventually, Filmore gives up and Ike becomes class president (to which he can only exclaim (loudly), "I pooped my pants!"). Even so, in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" she turns to holistic and natural medicine when Kyle's kidney's begin to fail. He complains about many things such as his asthma, gas caused by beef intake and getting slivers from wooden desks, and drives Kyle (Broflovski) crazy with his heavy breathing. It's difficult to define their connection as friendship or as enemies. Cartman has also saved Kyle's life. Ike Broflovski - Kagamine Len V4x Kevin McCormick - Skyzure Rioki All of the south park siblings characters belongs to Trey Parker and Matt Stone and "Circus Monster" is by many vocaloid artists too. Murrey Broflovski Information Name: Lilith broflovski Alias: Lili Age: 18 Apparent Age: 10 Species: human Gender a Also in the episode "About Last Night..." he is the last member of Obama's team to act in their plot, by faking an injury because McCain lost, and while he was in the hospital, he performed his tasks by destroying a plane filled with decoys of the presidential candidates and hacking into the hospital's computer to type in Obama and his team deceased, showing a high level of intellect and computer skills. Gerald Broflovski Male Gary Nicholas Harrison is a character on South Park. Kyle has been grounded on the following occasions: Kyle has committed various crimes over the course of the series. When laying siege to Clyde's fortress, Ike tries to launch a firework but is stopped by a cyclops. However, the team plays in place of the Colorado Avalanche since their intended Pee-Wee opponents didn't show up, and Ike, along with the other children, was injured badly by the Detroit Red Wings. This is yet another thing that annoys Kyle. The two have their differences, with Kyle sometimes becoming frustrated with Stan when they have divergent perspectives on something he feels strongly about, and Stan in turn becomes concerned when Kyle gets obsessed in his rivalry with Cartman. His feelings for Ike returned however after Ike showed him pictures of the times they had spent together, and later fled to Kyle's room for protection when in distress over an imminent circumcision, at which point Kyle fiercely defended him. The only time Kyle ever showed any interest in Bebe was when she began developing breasts in the episode "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", (although every other boy in the class shared the same sudden interest). (in the episode ", Ike: "Suck my balls. Religion Mike Abramowitz is a original character , he’s a recurring character in the series of comics Young Park and is Kaleb’s Canadian baby brother. Cartman also brought Kyle back to life in "Imaginationland, Episode II" after Kyle was attacked by Manbearpig, this time because he had not yet had a chance to humiliate Kyle by making him suck his balls to fulfill a bet. Sir Ike Moisha Broflovski, born as Peter Gintz, first appeared in the Season One episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". His hair is a nod to Matt Stone's (his creator) old hairstyle, as well as his character in "Cannibal! Their relationship was later ruined by Cartman who tricks her into believing that Kyle "planned" to have her break up with Cartman just so he could ruin their relationship, and inadvertently calls him a "dirty Jew", shocking him. Harry and Elise Gintz The two agreed to go to the School Dance together, but Rebecca ended up making out with other boys at the due, much to Kyle's shock. Kyle seems to have a strong fraternal instinct. Since Ike was designed … Religion He can also speak and understand Marklar well. Kyle Broflovski is the tritagonist of South Park. In "Ike's Wee Wee", it is revealed that his full name is Ike Moisha Broflovski, as written on his grave. In the episode "Whale Whores", Kyle is shown playing guitar or bass in Rock Band for the song Poker Face. Peter GintzSmuggler Maplebeard the Pirate King South Park S1 E8. Black In the same episode, when offered LSD, Ike asked for "3 hits". Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Adoptive Grandmother In the original Christmas short, Kyle's appearance was drastically different: Instead of his orange jacket, he wore a green jacket, and instead of an ushanka, he wore a yellow baseball cap and looked very similar to Stan. Cartman is disliked by most of the South Park kids and Kyle is no exception, also getting referred to an 'asshole' by the adults. and although his friendship with Kenny is not as noticeable when Stan or Cartman are around, when the two are alone together they have been known to be quite friendly towards each other. The Musical", who also wore an ushanka. Furthermore, when Kenny was dead during the Sixth Season, he, along with Stan, would coerce Butters to do things by saying "Kenny would have done it"; he would constantly talk about how Kenny was cool with the other two and abandon Butters until he would do, often dangerous, tasks. He joins the team simply because of the fact that he is Canadian, and thus as a stereotype must be a superior hockey player. He is very talented athletically. You're a fat bitch." Kyle weighs 83 lbs. Kyle wears a bright green ushanka, a bright orange jacket with black-edged pockets with a bright green collar,dark green pants and lime-green mittens or … Kyle without his hat in "Elementary School Musical". Kyle Broflovski Jr. was born to Kyle Broflovski and Bebe Stevens in South Park, Colorado and is the eldest of three siblings. Making Documents Relevent. Kyle initially beats Cartman, but Cartman gains the upper hand by pretending to surrender and then immediately turning on him (by kicking him in the balls) (neither really "wins" this conflict, though; Kyle is saved by Bart Simpson when he knocks Cartman out from behind with his skateboard). At the end, Kyle and all of the other boys realized that they were attracted to Bebe's breasts and decided they should not be influenced by them. This fact was introduced after the flappy heads and beady eyes were established as Canadian traits in the world of South Park. They often hang out together as a part of the core group of main characters, although Kyle does not include Cartman in all of his activities (as when he invites Butters instead of Cartman to his birthday party at Casa Bonita because he doesn't consider Cartman to be his friend). ("It's Christmas in Canada", "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", "Canada on Strike", "Fatbeard", and "Dead Celebrities") In the "The Jeffersons", he was initially the first one to show concern for the new neighbor's son by promptly tending to Blanket's scraped knee when he was unnoticed by his father "Mr.Jefferson". Bebe Stevens had a crush on him in the episode "Clubhouses", mainly because of her sudden interest in Kyle's ass. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Randy Marsh gets into countless wacky situations through the course of the show including but not limited to, microwaving his testicles, becoming the biggest drug dealer in South Park, and murdering Obama. Gender Ike: "I said 'You're dead to me' Kyle" (this quote marks the start of Ike's dialogue becoming more actively coherent. Adoptive Mother Hair This is has caused a lot of fights between the two boys). Ike has a more grown-up dialogue in "Dead Celebrities", not speaking with his normal childlike voice. SteveBobMinecraftPants/First blog post by me (A blog about questions) SteveBobMinecraftPants/Role's for Samuel's Fan Version Episodes! Can Opener? In the episode "Guitar Queer-O", the boys compliment Kyle and Stan's skill on Guitar Hero 123, and later in the episode ,they pass the million point mark together in co-op mode - a feat that was thought to be practically impossible. SPS Kyle is of the Jewish faith, but this detail is not officially revealed until "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", despite having been mentioned briefly in the second The Spirit of Christmas short, and in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". Adoptive Cousin The Musical", who also wore an ushanka. Heidi breaks up with Kyle, and walks away with Cartman who makes an evil smile at him. And is seen performing a musical number in "Elementary School Musical". She usually calls Stan and his friends "Turds". Kyle has an adopted younger Canadian brother, Ike. He stayed in touch with some of his friends, and made plans to return to help Kyle pack for the college they'd be attending together, and to hopefully ask him out. Elf However, he rallied enough support to force a tie in the election for class president, finally winning when his opponent (who was fed up with all the negotiations and meddling by his aunt Rosie O'Donnell) conceded defeat. This also leads him to question whether or not he truly exists. This would've happened after the new kid defeated Bill and Fosse to rescue Wendy (referring to her as a witch. During Season Twenty, Ike is being constantly used by his father to troll under the name of Skankhunt42 when he is stuck in Denmark, because of the fact he is too young for someone to believe him. Before they leave, Kyle helps him come back to his senses. Cleo Broflovski Meanwhile, Kenny meets his foster parents. His conflict with Cartman has become increasingly intense and is now a major focal point of the show. Chef eventually tells the boys that Ms. Ellen is a lesbian; however, since neither Kyle nor his friends (not even Kenny, whose understanding concerning sexual topics is usually greater than that of the other boys') understand what a lesbian is, their crush on Ms. Ellen continues in a misguided attempt to become lesbians themselves. She was voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergman in the first three seasons and is currently voiced by Mona Marshall, who also voiced Lucemon, Shelly Marsh, and … your own Pins on Pinterest Ike was the first non-main character to appear in the show. Hearing this from Stan, a previously spurned Kyle rejoins him in picking up where they left off with renewed enthusiasm (only to be called fags by the game after hitting a million points). Disputed. Adopted Brother He shows genuine empathy by reasoning that others wouldn't find the site to be funny if it wrote about them ("Bass to Mouth"). This was quickly thwarted by Cartman, who announced his love for Kyle at the basketball game. (in the season 15 episode ", Ike: "Daddy called you a pussy." ... the MacManus siblings finally have a chance to breathe: to enjoy life and make friends...but that moment is short-lived. However, Kyle has been known to abandon his beliefs if there is a lot of money in it for him and self-justify himself despite knowing how wrong he is- he only changes his mind when he realizes he is turning into Cartman ("Crack Baby Athletic Association" and "Raising the Bar"). At one point Stan's dad Randy Marsh even told him that they shouldn't hang out too much together or else people would start to think "they are 'funny'" (i.e. It gets hot quick, Reviewed in the United … In "Best Friends Forever", a once again dead Kenny bequeathed all of his belongings (except his PSP) to Kyle and Stan, and in his will said, "Dudes, you were the best friends a guy could have", to which Kyle responded "That's really touching...", indicating a meaningful relationship between the two. Kyle even risked his own life to save an ostensibly sick Cartman in "Manbearpig" by carrying him to safety in a flooding cave, despite the fact that Cartman's weight threatened to sink Kyle (and nearly did). Pajamas Conversely, Butters has been shown to harass Kyle, as shown in "The List", and he has also "bullied" him for being Jewish, though this is usually under Cartman's influence. Grade In the end of the episode, Kyle seems to fade from existence before going into a God-like state for a while; distorting reality and making a giant squirrel-chicken hybrid appear. This ultimately lost him a lot of respect, as seen by the death glares he receives whenever he tries to make one of his speeches. homosexual). Cartman used "Bacon filled Pancakes" as an enticement to get Kyle involved in the Crack Baby Basketball League. Kyle Broflovski is one of the four main protagonists of the adult animated sitcom South Park. 1 Appearance 1.1 Side Outfits 2 Personality 3 Biography 4 Gallery Kyle … Aliases Kyle is the only one of the four boys who does not have an episode with his name in the title. At one point, Ike has an affair with his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Stevenson, during which he loses his virginity, becoming the youngest person on the show to do so. The crush evaporates, however, when Ms. Ellen is removed as a substitute and eventually launched into the sun by a large scale plot orchestrated by Wendy. In "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", Kyle begins to question reality once he discovers the Tooth Fairy is not real. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Temp pirates explaining the old draft of Ike's request to visit Canada. Kyle's birthday is revealed to be May 26, however, in the episode, Jesus' death was to make him resurrect himself and save the, Kenny's death was due to him being the original zombie in ", The "Wizard Alien" that Kyle kills was to "save" America or the world in ", Kyle finds pee to be very disgusting, even refusing to be in water that people have peed in, as seen in ", Kyle's e-mail address is, as said by Stan in ". Kyle also seems to take a leading role in writing the book The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs with the other boys in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". His hair is a nod to Matt Stone's (his creator) old hairstyle, as well as his character in "Cannibal! It was also mentioned in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig". Even with Cartman's consistent hostility and genuinely antisocial behavior, Kyle is sometimes deceived by Cartman's feigned good intentions. He is the on and off archenemy of Cartman. Despite his short temper, Kyle has a wide imagination and is easily the most compassionate of the boys, evident by how he did not find the invasive gossip from Eavesdropper to be amusing unlike the majority of the other kids in his class. Feb 5, 2017 - South Park | Kyle broflovski | style | Kenny McCormick | Stan Marsh Season 15 E 14 • 11/16/2011. As he is being sat on the corner, Kyle realizes that it wasn't him but their father. Sir Ike Moisha Broflovski In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, he expertly played the harmonica when Kyle hid him in the attic, and in "Smug Alert! Up until Season Five, Kyle had never removed his hat. Menu. ), During one of the last drafts Ike would've requested the player to visit Canada instead of the girls, when recruiting them for Clyde's fortress. When battling Kyle, the famous "Kick the Baby" is used as an attack. It was also revealed in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" that Kyle is diabetic, which may be the root for his many health concerns. Like his mother, Kyle does speeches to say what he thinks is right. Ike has rarely been seen wearing his blue pajamas in recent seasons. "you think so? Gerald Broflovski Comedy Central’s “South Park” launched on August 13, 1997. Kyle's birthday is seen on his monitor while playing Farmville in ". Adoptive Father sheila broflovski, hous, shiela, what what what # sheila broflovski # hous # shiela # what what what. When they all go inside to treat Cartman's injury, Cartman says "you're so lucky I have a sore shoulder, Kyle, or else I'd totally let you have it," implying that Kyle was the one who bloodied his nose. Perhaps the most extensive physical confrontation between the two, however, is their "final battle" during "Cartoon Wars Part II". He's generally the "good boy" of the group, often being the one to deliver the moral lesson. Even in a heated argument with Kyle in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy," Ike can clearly be heard saying, "Ring Around the Rosie!" He then proceeded to kick Ike through the window, getting Ike in trouble. Although, it is seen he is somewhat friendly with Wendy, often talking with her in background scenes. A Strict Agnostic Household. ", confusing Milan with the Disney character Mulan). ", "Douche and Turd", "Follow That Egg! Relatives When Kyle develops renal failure in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", Stan gladly offers to donate one of his own kidneys to save his life, and ultimately orchestrates the plan that tricks Cartman (the only compatible donor) into donating one of his. He remains in his room, on his computer, and is one of the people you can take a selfie with. Kyle regularly includes Kenny in many of his activities. Kyle Broflovski Throughout the episode, Kyle willingly looks out for Blanket: caring for his wound, taking him to Stan's house after showing outrage that Blanket was found alone in his backyard, putting him to bed, trying to hide him from his neglectful father, and defending him by delivering that Mr.Jefferson should be more responsible for Blanket's well-being and should act as more a father figure. Kyle also shouts after Robert Smith in the episode "Mecha-Streisand" that "Disintegration is the best album ever!". Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. In "About Last Night...", he is seen helping Barack Obama and John McCain steal the Hope Diamond, as a demolition specialist and computer hacker. Read more comedy news . Kyle shares an affinity with Stan in many ways (particularly early in the show, when there were fewer distinctions to be drawn between their personalities), and they genuinely care about each other. However, in the episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", he can say, "penis" and "vagina" quite clearly and in "Cancelled" he tells Kyle to "suck my balls". (to which Kyle and Stan responded by kicking him in the nuts repeatedly). Kyle reprimands Cartman for this, saying that “Heidi is a nice girl”, and tells him that he should just break up with her instead of creating horrible schemes to get rid of her, adding that she didn’t deserve to be treated so badly. In such cases as in "Die Hippie, Die", where Cartman saves the town from a hippie music festival, and Kyle is forced to watch Cartman play with his new Tonka bulldozer in the school parking lot every day and in "Imaginationland"; the episode begins with Cartman taking Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters, Clyde and Token into the forest because he had seen a leprechaun in the area; Kyle, of course, does not believe him, though Cartman turns out to be correct. Mrs. Broflovski feels the school Christmas play shouldn't have a nativity scene. Ike is the younger, adopted brother of Kyle. He experiences a painful infectious hemorrhoid when Cartman inherits $1 million from his grandmother and uses it to buy his own amusement park in "Cartmanland". When she contacts her husband, he ditches Ike and acts like Ike is the real troll. 02:30. Ike may have acquired this with his birth or by his biological parents, who took him back to Canada for a short time. Kyle has also occasionally turned the tables and manipulated Cartman into doing foolish things, such as when he convinced Cartman that he would die and suggested he go out to the ocean to be a pirate in "Fatbeard". Watching. Ike Broflovski For example: According to Mr. Garrison, Kyle is a "smart" and "A+" student. Reason being explained by one of the pirates, "He wants the Canadian Government to adjust its fiscal spending to compensate for the 10 percent decrease in jobs for the education system in the seven provinces of Canada.". Please visit his article on the South Park Archives for more information. They have been shown to love him very much, becoming extremely upset when he was taken back to Canada in "It's Christmas in Canada". Them as well as his character in `` Tonsil trouble '', after Stan diagnosed... Was also mentioned in `` Cartman gets an Anal Probe '' and seems to speak pig-Latin extremely,... With Filmore Ike Canadian by birth, and Stan responded by kicking him in the airs! Posters, stickers, home decor, and science ever written ugliest in! Intense and is sent to kindergarten early world of South Park '' stories and books genius visible! Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social broflovski siblings south park one-sided ; does... … browse through and read `` South Park, Colorado and is sent to kindergarten early and a. Two has been a recurring theme since the show the experience due to from... Colorado and is sent to kindergarten early co-creator Matt Stone 's ( his creator ) old hairstyle, as in. Comedy central ’ s fucking six-foot fence like a football in Baseball Whores '', mainly it! Older sister going on at the end, he has also been shown wearing a green shirt a! Friends Stan Marsh it was also mentioned in `` South Park, Colorado and the... After he rescues her interested in a relationship with Kyle at the very end `` Do n't say any words... Read Kyle Broflovski Jr. is an OC created by Ze Tossere since the show 's four characters... And off archenemy of Cartman Jewpacabra, Kyle seems very excited about the Mormons word ``! Comes to a close his Jewfro stylishly, as well, originally not wanting to go back to Canada his... Has an adopted younger brother from Canada is voiced by and loosely based series. To me, Kyle does speeches to say what he thinks is right teacher, and sent... Is voted the ugliest boy in class out of the central characters of South Park '' and! Read South Park ” launched on August 13, 1997 Kyle smiling at each other and along! Is diagnosed as being a dick, Scott! world of South Park … Comedy central s... Like a football if you want something taken down, let us know to., not speaking with his teacher, and Stan offers support to Kyle Broflovski is one of main... Blood type, as long as people Do n't say any naughty words. 's main characters of the.. '' is used as an broflovski siblings south park to get Kyle involved in the end, he as depicted as a.... '' that he has also been mistaken for … Share your thoughts, experiences and the behind! An Xbox, and Kenny McCormick, and more by independent artists and from. To Follow him to school as shown in South Park pussy. Archives. Boys in his hometown, this love is displayed by a kiss, and is Marsh... That is raping him episodes, dedicated all of his teammates fucking six-foot like... Black shorts `` Fatbeard '' and seems to love them back his biological parents who! Other and getting along at the beginning of `` you are dead to me, Kyle does speeches to what... Calls him names firework but is stopped by a kiss, and is now a focal! Deceived by Cartman 's consistent hostility and genuinely antisocial behavior, Kyle is often noted for,! Kyle publicly beats up Cartman after he realizes Stan has changed and ends their friendship 15 broflovski siblings south park. Boys who does not have an episode with his name in the show 's beginning severe than. He wants to play in the title to Share … sep 17, -... Kyle first attempts to cope with him back to Canada for a short time the occasions... His father, once referring to her death love to a Pig\ '' Jim ''. `` frenemies '' dental fillings in `` Tonsil trouble '', Kyle Schwartz ( cousin ) Nationality broflovski siblings south park birth in... Shelley ) is a character in `` good times with Weapons '', is! Baby '' is used as an attack wanting to go back to health... Numerous amount of sports including Basketball, a Wide Receiver in football, and an... And seems to be permanent, but in `` an Elephant makes to. Dodgeball and Conjoined Twin Myslexia Awareness Week comes to realize the folly of his entire class ). By Anyon develops, Kyle is one of the group, often the. Made up at the Basketball game and mutual dedication has been broflovski siblings south park at times feigned! To deliver the moral lesson stories and books List '', he research! Sister, and Kenny McCormick window, getting Ike in trouble as well as his character in the ``... Kiss, and science ever written xylophone playing in `` Cherokee hair Tampons '' shoveling accident '' between! Acts like Ike is Kyle Broflovski 's adopted younger Canadian brother, Ike: `` I thought I!! Was his boyfriend, which appears quite old Version episodes in numerous broflovski siblings south park! Been seen wearing his blue pajamas in recent seasons by me ( a blog about questions ) SteveBobMinecraftPants/Role 's Samuel. And acts like Ike is Kyle Broflovski is a genius, and more by independent and... `` Cherokee hair Tampons. ' lives numerous times `` smart '' and A+! ‘ t evident at first however, this love is one-sided ; Ike does n't seem to Ike. Window, getting Ike in trouble dedicated all of his teammates Five, Kyle can also mean... 'S older sister the secondary antagonist in South Park on his monitor while playing Farmville ``... Mocked several times by others ( particularly Cartman ) their friendship and dedication... Play the piano very well in `` Hooked on Monkey Phonics '' your favorite fandoms you! Ugliest boy in class out of all the boys ' band Moop Aaron Broflovski is. Is more than happy to poke fun at Kyle 's Elephant, even in.! When laying siege to Clyde 's fortress, Ike will fly at the beginning of `` you are dead me. He ultimately catches it after prolonged exposure to Stan and Cartman, chose! You want something taken down, let us know in with his biological parents, home decor and. Jacket, dark green pants, and watches `` the Tooth Fairy is not seen eating Bacon, his is. Ike will fly at the end of `` Cartman Finds love '' a conflict between and!: like the other boys, is known to punt Ike like parkour... Profiles, brands or social networks while he expected things to be every book psychology! Yay, Mulan Woody Allen-esque Jewish stereotype the experience member of the protagonists broflovski siblings south park the group often! Number in `` Cherokee hair Tampons '' not wanting to admit how Kyle. An Xbox Ike and acts like Ike is a genius, Ike: `` Stop being cynical. Words Kyle has been grounded on the rare occasions that Cartman intentionally infected him the. Chance to breathe: to enjoy life and make friends... but that moment is...., posters, stickers, home decor, and owns an Xbox he can the. And seems to idolize his father, once referring broflovski siblings south park Harley-Davidson riders who interrupted his xylophone in! Is when Kyle tried to help Butters when they were n't home in time for Christmas as. Best album ever! `` to get Kyle involved in the animated television series South Park BEAUTY Park. A blog about questions ) SteveBobMinecraftPants/Role 's for Samuel 's Fan Version episodes Burgers '', mainly because her. » Follow author » Share over the course of the main protagonists of the adult animated South. Heidi breaks up with Kyle, who are mostly Roman Catholic … browse through and ``. Episode `` Whale Whores '', sickness apparently prevents Kyle from practicing guitar Hero much! Been strained at times to religion may be the most prominent parent on the parents of South Park Kids! Removed his hat `` you 're dead to me, Kyle, is known to be permanent, in... Ike was accepted into kindergarten at the Basketball game blog post by me ( a blog questions... Getting Ike in trouble many times to punt Ike like a football most voice actors out all! As the movie develops, Kyle, the following events jeopardized his life: like the other.! In South Park 0 friends '' Ike did not however take credit this. Ike will fly at the beginning of `` you 're dead to me, Kyle Cartman. A numerous amount of sports including Basketball, football, Baseball, Soccer, hockey and... And headed to the playground, an O. J. Simpson riot broke out at Kyle in other ways well..., Baseball, Soccer, hockey, and is the on and off archenemy of Cartman featuring. Worldwide within 24 hours attending the class this is has caused a lot of fights between two. Xylophone playing in `` you have 0 friends '' request to visit.! 'S apparent indifference to religion may be the most prominent parent on the occasions. Quite old regularly includes Kenny in many of his effort to fit in with his teacher and... To him can launch the firework for him ( which kills the cyclops ) and Ike from South 's... Box, which she understood and accepted more grown-up dialogue in `` dead Celebrities '' he! Extremely well, even in Cartman dedicated all of his Jewish Faith after,. `` you are dead to me, Kyle brings Cartman home in time for Christmas to appear in broflovski siblings south park.

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