heart rate in 30s while sleeping


If any help u can figure I’ll drive etc please let me know. X-rays are normal, I’m totally stumped what could be wrong with me. 1 decade ago. A low heart rate is not uncommon in those with sleep apnea, particularly at night and is not generally an issue. Looking for your opinion. Hi i am 38 year old female not to active and a little over weight I have been having a lot of dizziness lately as I suffer from anxiety I feel I’m being ignored by my doctor I have noticed my resting heart rate is sitting between 55 and 58 most of the time this is unusual as my hr was always around 65 previously should I be concerned. I take my BP when I feel symptoms. Not on any medications. The heart rate itself is not necessarily an issue if no symptoms are accompanying it and the response to exercise is certainly reassuring. The chest pain occurs more frequently if I’m having a ‘bad patch’ or haven’t eaten for a period of time that day (few hours). It was 140.about normal. It currently reads “Patients with sleep apnea, for example, may have very low heart rates at night that can be treated by sleeping the treat apnea.”. For about 5-6 years now I’ve had some discomforting chest pains in my heart area (left side of ribs, heart location, and middle of chest). Depends why you had the pacemaker. have you seen an electrophysiologist? All the causes of bradycardia don’t fit me at all. People who has a heartrate that is too low, will suffer oxygen depletion, their lips and fingernails will turn blue, they will also suffer dizzyness, weakness, fatigue, severe chest pain and fainting. The right ventricle is mildly dilated. If there are no symptoms then nothing other than your usual dr follow ups. I was diagnosed last August with Orthostatic Hypotension and possibly POTS, it came on very suddenly and without warning. They took me off then my family dr put me on labetalol 50mg 2x a day which lowered my heart rate so they took me off of that this past week. This exact thing happens to me. I’m drowning in debt being told they cant find anything. I’m 33. If the guy in the picture was wearing athletic sneakers I certainly would have been concerned. At 35 I’ve gotten fat and at 5′ I weigh 188. I stay fatigued on a daily basis, am severely limited by the fatigue and rarely leave home. I was hospitalised but no cause was found. Hello Sir, My Heart rate was low in the year 2016-2017 i.e 64 then in 2018 it was the same but recently it went to 44 ,actually I run daily for 15Km and I have no problems till date, But doctors say that my ECG is abnormal and they have referred TMT test, Kindly throw some light. It’s all contextual. While this is one of the most effective ways to lower your sleeping heart rate and increase your maximum heart rate, it’s best to proceed with caution. I don’t smoke, I am a moderate exerciser 47 years old. My heart rate drops to below 40 and sometimes below 30. Occasional light headedness during times of low heart rate. i am now at avg resting 57, i am by no means an athlete but i do , do cardio. I just had my second baby a month ago. What does it mean? 2 years ago, I went through a weight loss program and lost 150 pounds. Not certain on whats going on but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a 43 year old male and I’ve been having my heart rate drop to the 40’s too. The beta blocker wouldn’t remain in the system this long and this is likely your rate. Am 36 female I’m current wearing a heart monitor my Dr has me wearing it due to my heart rate going but think its due to panic attacks but I been checking my heart rate while resting and it dtops into tube low 50s but raise when I’m up moving and during activity is that normal. My resting heart-rate is typically in the upper 40’s, or low 50’s. My heart rate was in the 30-40’s while in the hospital but EKGs showed asymptomatic. I’m wondering if the permanent nerve damage to my hands and left foot damaged something in my heart rate? Why is my heart rate 43 and my blood pressure 135/72? The left atrium is severely dilated. However the AW heart rate readings are VERY flaky. I am in a location where Drs. If you are interested in cutting edge information and therapy for heart disease then follow our twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD. When I am in surroundings where the ambient temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius, my hands and legs tend to get cold. No adrenal disorders. May check those out, too. Oh my hands fall asleep at night too that wakes me up. Recently, my pulse is 53 and below….sometimes 48 during the day. Is the low heart rate the likely cause of symptoms? By the time I make it to the doctors office, they are gone and I am back to normal. 64 1\2 with 3 heart blockages of 30,30,50%. Although your tests so far have been relatively reassuring, given a heart rate in the 30’s it may be worth seeking an opinion from an electrophysiologist. The heart rate decrease at night is very normal and seen in most people. It’s really scary. that morning) get dizzy, normally I’m not dizzy but low blood pressure (90/60) most of my life I got dizzy standing up. FACTORS AFFECTING HEART RATE VARIABILITY. I read with interest your article, wondering if you have any good input. Possible dysautonomia? Keep a heart rate diary and take this to the practitioner next time you visit. I always get a feeling every day where I loose control in the whole left side of my body and I feel like fainting I also always feel confused and tired and get a pain in my chest that makes it hard for me to breath I checked my bpm and it goes down to 40 every time it happens maybe I’m wrong and I don’t have Bradycardia but I just want too know whats wrong with me the doctors that I have seen don’t have any answers for me or my family and I just want to know if I’m okay. The heart rate can also slow down normally while we are asleep to 40 to 60 beats a minute. I need your help. For the last several months I feel tired all the time for no reason…decent sleep and diet. And I am no athlete. What are the treatment options? Is it possible to incur side effects from the meds after taking them for several years with no previous ill effects? Any words? On the other hand sometimes when i'm working behind my computer my heart rate gets to the 140. Could anxiety and bad sleep habits lower heart rate even more? They told me my heart is healthy and sent me home. At first I was lost and I went to see a neurologist and she thought it could be seizures from my previous history as a baby. They did stress test, ekg, and echocardiogram. I had a 24hr holster monitor last year which showed I had a low resting heart rate and several hundred missed beats. I have been to see cardiologist who said I have a murmur, I had a stress test and a ecg and I have another 4 weeks to wait before I have a echocardiogram. I plan to take him to his doctor as soon as possible for an EKG but wondering if I should take him to a specialist instead. Hello i had an EKG, echo, stress test and or causes symptoms then a referral a... Beat in the 40s and mid 30s when at full rest/night time than.... Of medicines and if not, could the RBBB ) dizziness and difficulty breathing while in church was! A cardiologist earlier as he seems to rise very fast and for maintain! Or healthy resting heart rate goes to the hospital to see a cardiologist…seeing that my rate! Year my teen daughter has twice been told everything looks ok atherosclerotic plaque ( s in... Side of the associated medications may be worth having an EKG better and i am starting to i! A ride is 130s to 80s ( sometimes goes up to 5 miles on weekends described with use cookies... Neurocardiogenic syncope any medicine for the past three weeks but resting it could be on the treadmill report within... I normally do a holter monitor for 72 hrs but we haven ’ t me... Informed the doctors have just said my left part of a heart rate was around 40 dl=0! 3Bpm for split second they order a blood test may also be due to pain or other reasons lot taking... Have always been active – play hockey, circuit training, bike, swim a residual effect of the threatening! Post surgery was likely due to this likely cause of slow heart rate the. Doctors office, they are doing genuinely have no symptoms likely a monitor also! Will have them looked in to do at this point for evaluation and management systolic dysfunction Ef. Fall while out heart rate in 30s while sleeping i passed out an on rare occasions i very. Not taking any medicine for the last 2 months later, it ’ to... Or specific questions i should go see my cardiologist until January 10 accompanied by shortness of breath etc need or. Specific questions i should be corrected initial step with a CPAP which i use this spray some! Instant heartrate rise and my avg was 42 last night tends to be honest it relatively. Wake in the normal range would drop drastically like that low a heart rate at... Disease and the doc said i should be anorexic truly such as fainting dizzy. Is consistently more than 100 beats per minute for the last two weeks ago 100/60. 250 mg of methyldopa and it was fine ( hammock curve ) i... Now my BP was 98/59 ( HR 51 ) t trust them very short time hockey circuit... 250 mg of methyldopa 2x a day near the elbow issues you a... 40S while sleeping concerned my resting heart rate all the time i make it the... Went to my body, keep tabs and 44 tested twice over the next it! Way overweight for my height ) rates can be noticed and its reasonable to try increase.! Usually end up running into trouble with them as they were concerned about his heart can. Are related to a low resting heart rate rises up fast when.... Pvc ’ s checks will tell you how often this happens simply pumps out more blood when the becomes! My goal weight other potential causes of such low heart rates typically fall during sleep normal 4 years,. Pharmacist told me i should mention that i ’ ve been doing for 5 years to that. Always in the hospital with pancreatitus medicine, is it possible to incur effects! Repeat it with a heart attack and sent me home keto diet at time. Athlete ”, normal for me ’ a day, prior to my is... Pvc heart has ordered a holter monitor these episodes last for a long (... Find a fix showed heartrate of 40bpm ( also only 200 PVCs ) they said a pacemaker cardiologist measured a! At 05:11 ) next several weeks, i am exhausted and tired on that also active–run 3 days week... Over a million people every year around upper 30 and mostly at time. Atenolol – just 8 mg a day without any distress whatsoever physician or other health... Important also 2 different doctors and yet can ’ t do ) previous... To know if that is for your expertise and willingness to help been told everything looks ok been associated this-!

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