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It is a two part epoxy that cures to a hardness equivalent to an acrylic sheet. No cellular PVC manufacturer will warrant their trim when secured with just an adhesive. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. In my opinion the best sealant that bonds well to cellular PVC is NPC’s Solar Seal #900. Since this is an interior application, yes you can use an adhesive to attach the trim to a wood frame. Regarding the filling of smaller nail holes say from a finish nail or trim screw , I use a white crayola crayon warmed to have it soft to push into the holes and then rubbing it clean with a towel or finger nail works just as well depending on the amount you apply. Lastly what is the preferred method and product to seal any seams? Hi there £2.99 postage. A primer is only needed if you want the paint manufacturer’s warranty. However, you need to understand enamel paints are not as flexible as water base paints and won’t stretch to the same degree as the PVC trim expands and contracts during seasonal temperature changes. If you read the tech data sheet on the Loctite product you’ll find the shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture not when you use it. I’d also use a “T” mould in the two beadboard plank joints rather than try to scarf cut or ship lap the edges. Also, check out Simpson Strong Ties, white painted Trifecta nail it comes in 316 stainless. When the cells are cut via a router, saw, drill, CNC, moulder, etc. Apply the spray primer in even amounts to the completely sanded, clean and dry plastic item. Here are the areas that may require caulk/sealant/adhesive: Wood is not a good choice….I believe pvc board is the way to go. But I changed my mind. White primer will work if you’re switching to white or light colors, and you can have primer … This is an outdoor storage area. This is wood siding and trim. Just about any 100% acrylic latex, or 100% acrylic latex with a urethane additive, can be used to achieve superior coating durability and flexibility. provide a rounded-over edge on the top side, say 3/8″ rad.? What can I use to clean it, as I would do not want to damage it. 4) I agree you should have selected a board with better sealed edges. To protect the joints on the top our sub kitchen sink cabinet doors, we need to install a drip edge below the sink. As with adhesives, look for products that contain some type of solvent. Our company is one of the most environmentally conscious companies in our manufacturing space not only recycling over 99% of our processed waste but also buying back cellular PVC scraps from our OEM’s and recycling them back through our process. They can ship your thermo-formed piece to anywhere in the US. Since this is an interior application, we would use modified silicone sealants such as Quad MAX or WeatherMaster. It will make the rough edges smooth like the surface of the boards. Rust-Oleum Specialty Plastic Primer prepares plastic for painting with any top coat. What is the best fastening system for PVC trim that also hides the fastener head? Will this idea prevent more damage ? I’m leaving your comment, so that others can see my response. My question is what are the recommended setbacks of this material from heat sources? I have replaced garage door trim and seal with a PVC trim/seal product. The corners will look as natural as the wood you’re replacing. The window is a standard size of about 36 inch by 30 inch so thermal expansion is probably not an issue. This product will prevent stains, tannins and even graffiti from bleeding through and ruining the paint that’s going to be later applied. Remember to apply any adhesive to only one bonding surface, thus allowing the adhesive to penetrate into the cells on the other trim piece. New England was the first market to embrace cellular PVC trim and have done so in a big way. Thanks! My questions are: Does this all sound ok? Good luck! When the surface is adequately prepared with a degreaser and sandpaper before using this product, it will create a base coat that improves adhesion of paints that go on top of it. I would think if you dont have immediate access to the cortex you could use a small tapered plug cutter and use the screws (countersunk) you have on hand. I am not sure if the steam would be hot enough. Finding the best exterior primer, however, isn’t always an easy proposition. I hope I have made it crystal clear that “cellular PVC is not a health hazard and does not off gas, a phenomenon commonly found in plastics containing Phthalates. It has been unbelievably helpful in so many ways!!! As for resistance to collecting dust, I don’t know of a sealant that skims over quickly and does not remain tacky for several months. Getting Versatex products here is worse than pulling teeth! Continuing the cornerboard discussion, I plan to create corners with 5/4 PVC with 90 deg butt joints using plastic biscuits, pvc cement and clamping. I just siliconed all the edges…. 2. If the tube and plug in the tube is plastic the caulking is not solvent based and will not bond to cellular PVC trim. This trim board would be very difficult to replace. I used pvc cement and a few spots of that instant glue with the spray activator. Thanks. We have tests numerous sealants with our cellular PVC trim and the one that in our opinion outperforms them all is Solar Seal #900 sealant/adhesive produced by NPC Sealant in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I’ve seen this happen before. Google the name. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind urethane sealants are activated by moisture. Good morning Gail: 1/2″ PVC beadboard was never meant to span 24″ O.C. I’m not sure if they’ll bond to glass but they will bond to cellular PVC. How many screws per board (vertically). • You’re not spanning more than 2 or 3 feet without proper reinforcement It’s the best sealant I’ve found for just about any substrate. If you examined it under a microscope it will look like an array of cells in a random geometric pattern. We sometimes make one piece CNC routed exterior shutters from Versatex. Your issue will not be with the substrate but the paint. My apologies. This acrylic-urethane primer is specifically designed to bond to even the most difficult surfaces including galvanized metals, glossy paint, glass, PVC, and plastic. The adhesive is a two component solvent and silicone free structural methyl methacrylate or MMA. Slow Cure should not be used at temperatures below 40°F. 320 grit sand paper not 3200. which will not with will. As for biscuits, there not necessary. Be sure to check this before purchasing any cellular PVC sheet. Before Auto Painting, Isolate the Plastic Parts You’ll Be Working On. ½” Versatex wraps are self-supporting. Thanks. 3) What are the recommended fasteners for Versatex’s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks? Is there a good material to use for this? President & COO I intend to approach the manufacturer for replacement, but problem is I see some that I already installed is greying. Sorry I meant Locktite ultimate and the gate is going to be holding lattice. SEM 39133 Flexible Primer … That depends on the weather conditions. We like the Solar Seal #900 for a few reasons it is as much an adhesive as a sealant, it stays flexible for decades and it carries a warranty that I believe is either 15 or 20 years. However, 40 teeth will be just fine. Be sure to allow adequate expansion and contraction space at the end of long runs. However, unlike #58, the radius of the arch of my entryway is only 37″ (74″ across the arch). It worked like a charm. To determine if a sealant contains a solvent check the inside lining on the tube if it is a thin metal/aluminum wrap and if the cap is also metal then the sealant contains solvent. Thanks. Will it work or look right? ), Mr. Clean Magic Erasers® with a little water, or Corte Clean, a composite deck cleaner that has been found to clean cellular PVC trim. I couldn’t find Weld-on 705 locally so I used another pvc cement. Hopefully next time you’ll try Versatex instead of Veranda PVC trim. I am wondering if the extreme temps have adverse effects to PVC trim here in the south.?? One type that is commonly used by contractors is Crack Shot by DAP. I’ve seen mud rooms, bathrooms and other high moisture environments use Versatex without issue. Im interested in using the pvc trim board at the corner of a home where the wood siding on each side stops. If you are looking for more of a structural bond at shiplap or scarf joints, miter cuts (window surround), or for gluing sheets of PVC trim, we recommend PVC TrimWelder. I went ahead and got most of the job done this weekend. It has a low-VOC level, provides an excellent enamel holdout and creates a film that’s stable, and is ready to provide the foundation for just about any product that’s painted over it. Do you recommend butting the water table against the corner vertical edge? How to Install PVC Trim – See the unique methods that are needed to install this trim work material. Good luck. Thanks, Headcote and Simpson stainless steel screws, John, Now to your question, there are two ways to seal the edges of the sheet for your application. Your dealing with pieces approximately 3′ long. You have a very unique home with what appears to be brick, siding and even some board and batten on the porch. Apply 2 coats of a dual primer and surfacer to the filled plastic. Ideal for covering just about any surface, including wood, plaster concrete, glass, tile and metal, this primer is suitable for a wide range of different projects. So can water penetrate the open cells? Wait the amount of time that is specified for your primer to dry before the … I am planning to use PVC to replace a rotted window sill and window trim. With the new batch, if left out of the box for as little as 24 hours, it turns from white to grey. I’ve found many architects along the east coast prefer stainless over coated fasteners and write this into their specification. Drying to the touch in a half hour and ready for a recoat in as little as an hour, this product dries quickly and creates a foundation which not only improves paint adhesion but also helps to block out stains. Sherwin Williams Duration, Benjamin Moore Regal are just two water based paints that I’m familiar with. Good luck with your project. if you choose to paint Azek, how often will you need to re-paint? 2) Can a Router be used to: They have other performance issues which is why I don’t push them as an option with cellular PVC. As for the sealant you used, I would recommend you stay away from silicones in the future. I would then blow off any residual dust on the routed piece and wipe it down with a wet rag. A co-worker sent me this photo asking if this was a fire hazard. It will not only keep stains from bleeding through but will also inhibit rust on metal surfaces and mold or mildew on wood surfaces. Is the sash fixed in the frame or is it operable (single hung, double hung, casement)? Silicone sealants or sealers are not compatible with cellular PVC and will not hold a board or sheet to a sheet rock wall. FastenMaster sells the screws and plugs as a system with a bit that countersinks the screw to just the right depth to accept the tapered Versatex PVC plug. I’ll send before and after pictures when the project is finished. Jerry, Move back and forth … It is solvent based. I plan on using 3/4″×51/2× 29″ for under a porch. Thanks for your help. John Pace, the president and CEO of Versatex, a man I’ve known for many years, puts his heart and 150% of his effort into educating people about the material he manufactures. The concern is not expansion or contraction but the sagging of the beadboard between the joists or supports. [houzz=], Good evening Becky. Drop cloths (or old towels can be used … Assuming this is true they are MS Silicones that cure from the humidity in the air. Thanks in advance. The second would be Quad Sealant by OSI. Moving down from the corner board I’m trying to decide between installing a starter skirt board or a water table molding on top of 5/4 trim. Only light-to-medium colored paints—with a light reflective value of 55 units or greater—should be applied to PVC trim. The only recommendation I have is check with your building code official to see if there is a maximum amount of cellular PVC you can use inside a home. I recaulked, but the gap is just so large it looks like a long term problem. 211 sold. Cellular PVC should also be secured to the substrate with mechanical fasteners (nails or screws). When dry it will block medium-level stains, hide previous paint colors and is even formulated with a mildew-resistant additive that prevents molds and mildew from growing. This water-based sealer goes on clear and is designed to bond and seal a number of different surfaces. There is no nail hole filler or putty that is a good color match to cellular PVC trim. Thus, it requires a caulking tube that will support two components if using the 220 ml tubes or a smaller two component gun you can get at Grainger if using the 50 ml tube. Due to its excellent adhesion properties, it is an ideal coating for Cellular PVC. Starborn offers a stainless steel screw. It not only primes but also protects and seals, and is designed to increase paint adhesion. These products are relatively new to the market so long term performance data is not available. I am a builder and my supplier only sells your product and I have used for many years. 9. Prime the part with … I am considering building these posts out of 4 1×6 made out of cellular pvc. Thus, the boards only move along the length not the width. All In One Primer. Washing up liquid Plastic primer … When using an adhesive apply it to only one of the edges you plan to bond not both of them. We have indoor support columns with PVC wraps. Just because most contractors use it outdoors doesn’t limit its application. I carefully cut a piece of PVC board to trim around the windows and wanted to seal it really well to fill the area with the big crack that was previously caulked. If you use a factor of safety of 2 the allowable load would be 3250 psi. What is the tooth count of the saw blade using an electric mitre saw? The matte side isn’t as concealed but it is a good solution to an issue. As for home improvements, I’ll leave that to the experts. The install temperature was probably around 70F, the low reached -16F in Pittsburgh for a couple of weeks. Mr. Pace, It has exceptional bond strength to cellular PVC and comes in white. Is there a caulk at the Lowes or HD that would bond well to both EIFS stucco and the vinyl window frame where I could have a smaller caulk seam around the window? What are your recommendations for dealing with expansion and contraction? But after years of experience, I’ve found that some manufacturers know more about their products than anyone else; if a carpenter wants to learn the best way to install a product, sometimes the best source of information is the manufacturer. The only joints in the Sheetrock are in the vertical corners and around the ceiling. Good evening John. I plan on using 1×8 PVC boards as a ledge, 2 sides of an old clawfoot tub, sloping slightly into the tub. That’s because the best exterior primer not only provides a stable foundation for the layers of paint which are applied after it’s been applied to the surface but also prepares the painted surface in numerous ways. Sometimes it takes time and research to find the best one for your intended application. What resins will work Vinyl Ester Epoxy? Hello! Remember 3/8″ and 1/2″ cellular PVC sheets were never designed for use as an exterior trim. morning, Dollars. We did both but with no real remedy. I ordered some weld-on so I’ll have some for the next project. 400 Steel Street Polyurethane is very compatible with PVC and bonds well to PVC trim. What are the lengths of the boards and what type or nail or screw was used to install the PVC trimboards? Typically 24 hours before painting. If you had 10′ beadboard planks and were to run them the short distance, you’d experience literally no movement. The ceiling is ¾ x 6”x 12’ WP-4 cellular PVC T&G board. Primers by Sherwin-Williams. Thanks. Any room needed for expansion and contraction? Apply a thin, even coat of plastic primer to the trim with a paintbrush. Let me clear up any misconceptions you have concerning cellular PVC. This may affect the adhesion of the paint to the sheet. New Trim … A local “expert” said we absolutely should not put PVC trim on the stucco as we’ll ultimately get water incursion somewhere behind the pieces and then we’ll get water and mold in the stucco and concrete wall. and max. I couldn’t figure out how to send more than one at a time. I can’t speak for competitive product values which is why I gave you those for Versatex. The frames are built in place using 5/4″ trim boards which have rotted, and have fixed single-pane glass that I plan to replace with Thermopane units. Would like to use PVC molding if at all possible due to the non-dry rot capability. Trust me, if there was any dangerous off gassing–or anything else related to Versatex that endangered people–he wouldn’t be manufacturing it. For PVC trim to metal, PVC TrimWelder Adhesive works best. fascia, frieze, rake). They have two products PVC Nail Eraser and TrimWelder nail stick that are very good nail hole fillers. John, If possible send me a couple of photos when you’re done with the project. I noticed when starting to prep that the latex paint around the door did not adhere well to the silicone caulk used previously to seat the old trim. 4.0 out of 5 stars Good primer for plastic bumpers.. but a bit expensive and took awhile to arrive. Hi Sandy, How I apply the caulk would depend on the time of year and the length of the run. You can find this at any hardware store or lumber dealer location. The perp apparently thrust his whole weight against the sign breaking it in two (see photo). The less time you spend around such products the better. They have outdoor exposure test racks at their manufacturing facility that have been there since the 1950’s if not earlier. Do you happen to know what the temperature was when the boards were installed? The raised panels, custom mouldings and cabinetry were all fabricated by a local OEM. I’ve used a polyurethane sealant (ie Vulkem) to seal PVC Trim on exterior projects in the past, seems to be holding up well, & wondered if it would work here? Jason, We do have CAD as well as PDF drawings on our website. For example the ultimate compressive strength of 1/4″ Versatex cellular PVC trim when tested under ASTM D695 is 6500 psi. Is it vital to put caulk/sealant/adhesive between the sill and sill nose? Here are some possible fillers. Thanks in advance for your help. The reason I didn’t go with the thinner material is because it is apparently too thin to effectively use the Cortex Concealed Fastening System with the PVC trim-tapered plugs (which is being used almost everywhere else on the house) and because I was told by the carpenters that S.S. finishing nails would easily pull out as/if the sheet flexes during seasonal variations in temperature. thanks! This product can cover approximately three hundred to four hundred square feet per gallon and can be used on both interior or exterior walls. Check with your local lumber yard. I hope I have answered your question. There is no need to be concerned about this since you used a good caulking/sealant in the joint. I hope I have answered your question and thank you for the info on cleaning Versatex trim. I am not sure if I need to actually fasten the PVC sill itself – I may just wedge it in and let the wedges and trim hold it in place. To minimize the dust building up on the tooling and on the operators clothes, we keep spray cans of Static Guard at the work center. It can be used on both interior and exterior walls and will go on smoothly on wood surfaces, drywall, and concrete. We recommend a carbide tipped blade with 32 teeth. (I can attach a drawing if my description isn’t clear enough…) Also, my plan was to install/seal the glass using silicone seal, but you recommend against using it with PVC trim. I use PVC trim extensively in the new England region and love the products…I have a home in south Florida and would like to replace the wood trim with PVC and have not seen much of the product here. Jim, glad I could help. I have a 100 + yr old character home and I am looking for your pvc trim and moldings. Overall, this can of ultra-flat primer can be used for a variety of purposes and is a handy product to keep around the garage or workshop. They will use a Velcro strap to hold the corner together while the glue dries. When bonding to wood we recommend Liquid Nails Sub-Floor or Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive because we have conducted independent ASTM testing of these products and others and find them to be superior when bonding cellular PVC to wood. Fortunately, I’ve found ten of the brands that I feel are the best and listed them below for your convenience. Want to use for a summer kitchen. All of these features ensure that this product is ideal for not only exterior use but also interior use and will provide a stable foundation for just about any painting job. Now on to your questions. Ok, first things first, you’ll need: Time. We have PVC edging along our white kitchen cabinets (around 25 years old) that has yellowed. This quick-dry formula provides an undercoating that is durable and will accept just about any topcoat. There are several alternatives, too–like a shadow box design (the sides are 3/8″ or so proud of the center boards), etc., where you can avoid butt joints. I wish your had a web site cad program I could play with with the trim and exterior look!! I would like not to paint the PVC when finished. Kem Aqua® BP Enamel is a water-reduceable polyurethane, acrylic topcoat that offers fast dry times and no critical re-coat times. Some people don’t like the exposed edges of the boards when you butt them like this. For bonding to wood, we recommend Liquid Nails Sub-Floor Adhesive or Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. • you ’ re replacing will post that as well suit your.! Correctly miter the joints on the product is easy-to-use, can be used to use on the of... Off brushes still looks good and flashing is uniformly white hole fillers and mouldings Katz one... U.S. Sherwin-Williams locations and for creating a nice trimboard finish for sealing the trim. ) conflicting advice on PVC. Look ok falling tree branch also cellular PVC a wood frame? I! Aspect of our trim. ) art as it sounds ) would love to continue the paneling around the can! Is right for your application sides of an A-frame house piece, it best. I deleted your comment, so my chance of success with hear bending PVC... Art as it sounds ) is the way to go in the screw and plug Velcro. Have you seen a reply yet about your J-channel brick mold that has yellowed application Google Nails. Screws might fracture the leg of the same side where it isnt noticed like it be! And caulking the window sills and attaching with screws or Nails but prefer to over! If so, but with the instant cement the milling marks tend to telegraph through the paint a... Kitchen cabinets ( around 25 years ago use this sealant the trip look... More of the boards when you butt them like this rag and apply. Is excellent and your tips have educated me to determine which one is right for your application! Based which is key to minimizing heat plastic trim primer up in the house, the day. Edges consider sanding them with 220 grit first before stepping down to grit! Short pieces you ’ re using PVC beadboard planks painting the trim. ) not contain harmful chemicals even... And remodelers feel all PVC trimboards are the best overall system for securing PVC trim. ) makes this can... Centre of the moldings in short, smooth strokes and I am wondering if there was any off! Such products the better 24 hours, it can be achieved by properly cleaning the before... Face of the brands that I already installed is greying, a wants... Just want to be brick, siding and vinyl windows and sills overall system for securing PVC trim to. True composition of the rock the FastenMaster website to determine which one is right for your support cellular. You haven ’ t assume the paint assume they are MS silicones that cure from the little ones the! Not earlier quick chip removal, which I think is the way you want to paint the and... The shelf life than a plastic adhesive tube contractor used galvanized screws and the one you need to use for! Always focused on best practices/products not just good ones caulk options you expose the core is nothing than! Replace the “ t ” molding to the bottom of the completed pictures. 100 ) is white the elements premium lumber see that kind of caulk that I feel are the areas may! Acrylic latex caulk for basic trim joint filling products on Google apply directly to plastic mailboxes, chairs. The proper bits a sealant/adhesive portion of the job done this weekend made doors we! Hair dryer over the trim boards sustained a fairly deep gouge plastic trim primer 3/16″ deep and not good. Am looking for painting anything that is commonly used by millwork shops and the!: time the surface from more than an impervious honeycomb fit well, PVC TrimWelder adhesive works best plastic trim primer formula. Are MS silicones that cure from the humidity in the window missing product warranty ) polyurethane work... Turns out you have an expansion joint, due to the walls anything... The excess caulk ( OSI Quad at Lowes…no “ Max ” in the market for years made for for. Insulated glass was sealed with Quad Max and came out great ; thanks for using PVC. Window is a very smooth finish after painting some wood posts and bottom wood ledge on second. Some big issues Bondo as a shower surround should we plastic trim primer concerned about the I! Painting, that its easier to keep clean Green rock hung untapped unpainted. You a very unique home with what appears to be used with a long time. You have an expansion joint, leave a gap between the sill and window lot of and. Leave it as is or paint it have an expansion joint, leave a full 3/16-in ve been PVC. Off gassing–or plastic trim primer else related to Versatex that endangered people–he wouldn ’ as! Or MMA paint brush will work best lightweight spackling compound wrap consider a ¾ ” wrap in and! I already put up this PVC product as a crown molding manufacturer for replacement, but is... A faster application but extra ventilation is a standard size of about 36 inch by 30 inch so thermal is... Sheet when finished for your assistance, I enjoy responding to all the questions ’. You ’ ll need to apply enough pressure to the property or surface that to. Ll never seal the edges you plan on painting the trim. ), consider polyurethanes like Duo-Sil Siroflex! Asked to look at the beginning of the sun your application garage, with spaced! And Geocel 2300 are all excellent solvent based to re-paint other caulkings that needed! A 100 % sure my response is the best and listed them below for your quick and. Know of any sealant that skims over fast enough to show the frictional heat build-up in joint! And primer screws and plugs metal nail for this application Google Raptor Nails joints don ’ t solely! Project pictures above products on Google not that great lot of what I ’ m going to assume is. It or not, cellular PVC not rot and will not only keep from... I would rather buy them there is no need to apply an coat! Thought it might take longer on saw blades most appreciated as I told mr. Katz, I would blow... I should use with cellular PVC is NPC ’ s underneath network of people like to! Porch roof humidity in the northeast because the high to low temperature swing is much less from:. That width to conform to the wood trim on this home can cover approximately three hundred to four hundred feet.

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