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I felt like there really was very little room to pass. At the MD–PA border near New Freedom, the trail continues as the Heritage Rail Trail County Park. As for my wish list, I wish the surface was wider and more developed. Great walking/cycling trail, following the original path of the North Central Railroad, from Ashland, Hunt Valley the 20 miles to Freeland Pennsylvania. My husband and I and our 10 and 11 year old love this trail. Additional Information. I've been living out in the Mid-Atlantic for several years now, and continuously look for good places to venture outdoors. It just doesn't get much better than this. Follow it until it crosses the Torrey C. Brown (formerly NCR) Rail Trail. I rode on a beautiful Sunday in early June; the trail gets busy especially as I got closer to Cockeysville but everyone was courteous and respectful. Rail Trail Cafe in New Freedom is a must - outstanding wraps. We could not have enjoyed this trail more than we did. Not sure why? Today I rode from Bentley Springs to Monkton and back, and I must say, this trail is super smooth! The new parking lot that was built on Paper Mill Road is great. "I have cycled the combined North Central Railroad (NCR) Trail and York County Heritage (YCH) Trail many times both in sections and the entire length, up and back. I saw more people on the Torrey Trail than I had on the Heritage Trail, and it was pleasant. This has got to be one of the nicest trails anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic area. ", "I did a portion of this trail, accessing the trail in Freeland where I parked in the paved lot. As of 9/8/02, the trail has been resurfaced. With the uncertain surface and its narrow access, it was dangerous from time to time. The Sparks lot was filled, but just west of it, before you cross the river on Sparks Road, there is an old park with an abandoned building. 4.5 (4) ... Land Manager: Maryland DNR - Gunpowder Falls State Park. Restrooms at this access are also nearby (of the recycling kind, sort of nasty).The surface is very smooth (stone dust). Mostly level, with a generally smoothish surface. Every now and then we had the typical crazies acting like they were in a race. I think this will be an annual tradition! There are multiple trail heads with Montkton serving as a great mid-point as it offers a cafe, real bathrooms and a small museum. I rode with my wife from Cockesyville to New Freedom n PA and back and we plan to finish off the remaining side in PA I highly recomend it. In PA the trail is generally downhill for 10-15 miles, but again only moderately. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. But none of which were the toll-taking kind. Hopefully, can report more on the YCH in another review. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has done a great job of maintenance, from mowing the sides of the trail to picnic tables about every half miles, mile markers and at every crossroad it tells you the distance to the next two roads. It is wonderful, and my husband and I have been on it several times already. The building of course is off limits, but the parking lot is apparently legal. Could someone please explain this to me. I have ridden this trail for over 10 years now and I have never been so disappointed as this time. The Maryland portion of the trail is 19.7 miles, starting at New Freedom added another 1.5 miles to my ride. My husband and I are new to biking. Also known as Torrey C. Brown Trail. I've ridden this trail dozens of times from the MD end into PA. As others have mentioned, it wouldn’t be the best for trikes or any two wheeled buggy as the trail has several miles of double track that would make for a bumpy ride...although we did see a few buggies and one trike. The Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail follows 19.7 miles of the former the Northern Central Railway (NCR) in northern Baltimore County - from Ashland, Maryland north to the Maryland-Pennsylvania line, passing through historic communities including Ashland, Phoenix, Monkton, White Hall, Bentley Springs and Freeland. The Northern Central Railroad Trail, officially known as The Torrey C. Brown Trail, covers nearly 20 miles in Maryland, stretching from Ashland Road in Hunt Valley to the Mason-Dixon Line. The trail offers pastoral views, good sense of security, and seemed well maintained on both sides of the state border, to me, for hybrid bike use. Hopefully with it being well known the idiots will refrain from doing this again. When it was constructed in 1984 along the abandoned North-Central Railroad, the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail was one of the first rails-to-trails projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region. There are some active rails on this part for tourism during the summer and you will have the chance to see other people riding and walking. A larger and more popular parking lot is located just a half-mile farther north along Paper Mill Road. Oh and bike watched because I'm in the market for a new bike now. Since it was the 4th of July weekend, it was quite crowded but never difficult to navigate. The only problem is on weekends when people don't obey the ""rules of the road. The terrain on the MD side varies quite a bit, but is generally packed dirt. The Torrey C Brown Trail passes through Gunpowder Falls State Park If you find yourself on the Eastern Shore, swing by Talbot County’s Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge . In my opinion, the Maryland side of the trail is much nicer than the Pennsylvania side simply because in Maryland most of the trail is in heavily wooded areas and the trees seem to envelop you as you ride - and I like that! The shade canopy is complete providing cover about 85% of the trip. All total we spent about 4 hours out. I tried it but it didn't do well for my hunger. Beautiful but be careful the maintence is a little lacking these days. While the railroad itself is long-gone (unlike the York County Heritage Rail Trail, which closely parallels a rail line that is technically still active, but has seen little use south of York city in recent years), relics of its existance, including old signal towers, mileposts, warning markers and train stations can still be seen at points all along the route. The trail continues into Pennsylvania as the York County Heritage Rail Trail . Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail Easy. It's hard to compare it to the Heritage trail. Feel free to email if you have questions. Otherwise, it could be a long walk to a place where you can get help. Lots to see and do, our kids love it. Our Usual starting point is Parkton and we have rode both North and South from this location. From there, you begin a long but fairly gradual climb that reaches it highest point of 837 feet near New Freedom, just past the PA border. My In-Laws live in York and I like to ride the whole trail. And don't get me started on the mushing sled dog enthusiast below. For the purpose of the trail guide, I am including only information about the Maryland portion of the trail – called the NCR or Torrey C Brown Rail Trail. The trail in MD has limited scenery as the trail tends to be more like a hiking trail with woods close by on each side, while PA is more open, allowing some better views. ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Ashland Road (Cockeysville, MD) and MD-PA state line (New Freedom, PA). We expect to be go again many more times. The scenery on the sides of the trail is very nice, but the trail itself is not. Would like to see more mileage signs though. We had lunch at Paesano's Pizza in New Freedom (biker friendly and yummy). Great walking/cycling trail, following the original path of the North Central Railroad, from Ashland, Hunt Valley the 20 miles to Freeland Pennsylvania. Typically don't bike a lot but was able to survive and enjoyed it and now glad i did that! We've been riding or running this trail for years and it is so much busier than I remember it being. We got their late and only made it to 13 miles from MD we will be back to conquer the trail all the way to PA. Biked this trail today (6/7/15) from Paper Mill Rd to Monkton and back. This trail is one of the very best Rails to Trails that I have redden. The trail is mostly flat, until you get about 6 or 7 miles north of Monkton. It is even pleasant on a 95 degree day. The Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail (TCB), the official name of the Northern Central Railroad (NCR) Trail, is a rail trail that runs along an abandoned railroad corridor where the Northern Central Railway once operated. Happy cycling everyone!! And say "hello", "good morning", "on your left" - say anything to announce your presence and acknowledge other users. It's pretty, well-maintained and excellent riding. Great trail conditions until we got to the state line south but still good. Together, the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail and the Heritage Rail Trail were inducted into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame in 2015. The trail can get crowded near the trailheads on weekends and holidays but is for the most part peaceful. Simply wonderful from White Hall (11 mile post) to Ashland (0 mile post) and back. It's a breeze on my hybrid with touring tires. The trail is very flat and has little grade. Shared By: Cheryl Ladota. North end of trail with classic small American town of New Freedom which has an operating wood burning train and a nice bike shop. We have lived within half a mile of this trail for the last 26 years, during which it has had one major resurfacing and a number of patch jobs. We take our bikes to whatever state we travel. We know we can do 15 to 20 miles easily now. Although we were affected by the "Tack Attack" on our Aug 3 round trip ride - 43 miles, Ashland> New Freedom> Ashland (1 front flat, northbound, 3.5 miles from New Freedom - which has a bicycle shop, thank heavens) - we decided to do the trail again Sept 2, this time 41 miles, one-way, York> Ashland; we had a wonderful day. We went on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. I reached the 15mph speed limit for the first time on the Torrey Trail and it was nice to coast for a bit. Gunpowder Falls State Park: Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail | We repeated the beginning 5 miles because we forgot something got to make the 5 mile climb into New Freedom twice. Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail Easy. We're still building up stamina. Grass is growing in clumps in the middle. The points of interest along the trail include the restored 1898 Monkton Train Station and the Sparks Bank Nature Center. A 19.7 mile trail-trail that continues to Pennsylvania line, and passes through many historic communities, offering recreation to cyclists, hikers, joggers, and horseback riders. Overall it was a very nice ride -- just do it. The trail connects to Maryland's 20-mile long Torrey C. Brown Trail. It's our "go-to" trail. The Northern Central Railroad Trail (NCRT or the NCR Trail), formally known as the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, is a state park facility administered by Gunpowder Falls State Park. First time on this trail last weekend. There is plenty of parking, so if one parking lot is full, just drive to the next one. I road from Cockeysville to Bentley Springs about 32 miles round trip. The rail-trail is managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as part of the Gunpowder Falls State Park. Besides the York County Rail Trail (this trail continues the Rail Trail south), this is one of the best trails to mush on. It was larger stone, and it was noticeably rougher in the saddle. It’s only rail to trail steep but it’s definitely noticeable. It's such a pleasant and peaceful ride, with the rushing water from Gunpowder Falls audible from several spots. I was concerned about conditions after the extended rains we had all Spring. At times the trail was 'two-track' but mostly sufficiently wide to ride two-abreast if traffic permitted. We have seen lots of wildlife including a red fox. Rode the Torrey Brown Trail for the first time ever this past Saturday, going north, with two friends, from the Phoenix Rd lot just over four miles, for a round trip of a little over 8 miles. That makes passing cyclists OK, but I would not like to come across a horse around some of the bends. There are lots of stops to rest and enjoy the views in this beautiful park. it's a little busy in the beginning if you start on south end, but it really gets better once you get away from all the walkers. Weekdays are best if … I just tried this trail out today actually. Much of the trail has deteriorated to two narrow single tracks. This trail might be good for hiking but it is terrible for biking. With dogs. Parking Options: Mile 0.5 Paper Mill: This site is nearest to the convention center, but typically the most crowded. The Torrey C. Brown Trail, formerly known as the Northern Central Railroad Trail (NCRT) extends 20 miles, stretching from Ashland Road in the Hunt Valley area to the state line. Headquarters8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday(closed weekends and state holidays). Even the people walking the trail were going around the muddy spots. It is an excellent, well-maintained trail. For those seeking an escape from the urban areas of the region, this trail is a wooded oasis—an escape from the every day stresses of nearby city life. The PA side of the trail seldom is very crowded, so it makes a nice ride. This summer my wife just gave up and turned back, too scared to ford one which completely covered the trail for maybe 20-30 feet. For someone who grew up in the rural villages of East Africa,riding up this trail brings a lot of nice memories and nolstagia. The MD side gets quite muddy following any type of rain. Recommended. I'm pretty sure it has not rained very much so I cannot understand the condition of the trail. Temperature was just right today. Also, In PA they had signs about the tack issue with rewards posted but did not see anything in Maryland. It rained when we were on it and everyone had a stripe down their back from the mud and grit. Everything is easy in this ride. There is about a three-mile down hill immediately after crossing the PA/MD line. State line kiosk was cool. There are numerous other access points and parking areas along the entire route; refer to the map for more details. About the NCR Trail. They spanned the trail and wouldn't move for cyclist. We traveled to the end of the trail, which was now asphalt, took some pictures and then worked our way to the hotel for the night. We have decided to no longer ride the trail for awhile. ", "We covered this trail and also 1.5 miles of the York County Heritage trail which connects to the NCR in PA. It's a pretty narrow path too, and in some spots wet due to the tubers. Good (on Aug 23, 2019) login to update. I usually start at parking lot 1 at the 0.5 marker Nd ride into Pa and back. It is real bumpy and poorly maintained. The scenery changes from fields to streams to verdant hills; the entire ride was captivating. The Northern Central Railroad Trail or NCRT, formally known as the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, is administered by Gunpowder Falls State Park. Broke in a new bike and we hate to see winter arrive just when we're starting to have fun. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! The trail is 10 feet wide with a stone dust surface. The trail itself begins at the end of Ashland Road in Cockeysville, but offers no parking … Both sides of the trail have numerous road crossings, with metal gates blocking the trail except for narrow pass thru's, which tend to get a bit annoying for cycling since you are forced to slow down at each one. The trail is fairly flat until you reach MP15 where the grade increases to the MD-PA border. The MD trail is quite nice. Although they indicated that most were retrieved by way of magnets, obviously they were not all found. There are plenty of places to park along the trail and some basic but welcome toilet facilities at fairly regular intervals. We use to ride on the streets of Baltimore. The transitions from trail to bridges and at road crossings are also very rough. My son and I just finished riding the entire trail. Has gotten really bad shop and several places to jump on-off trail allow to! 45 ) in Cockeysville and headed north to York, PA on a hot day, beautiful,. Refrain from doing this again quick ride back the very best Rails to trails that I enjoyed! Pa along the way to York, PA oh and bike watched because I 'm that... Is plenty of places to park along the trail include the restored Monkton. Coast for a bit over 20 miles to PA. Bob a is mostly packed dirt with two tracks -one. Farther north along Paper Mill lot is located just a half-mile farther north along Paper Mill: site... I and our 10 and 11 year old son had an interesting comment on the end... Several small towns that you really have grown to torrey c brown trail parking it the PA border with Rails-to-Trails.... Regular intervals downhill heading south, so I can not understand the condition of the nicest we 've been or... Passing cyclists OK, but makes the return trip even better bathrooms and a nice ride heading. Great trail conditions until we got to make the 5 mile climb into New Freedom just ride... Trail both in Maryland state Parks, visit the Accessibility for all section of the bends leave... Very unpaved and uncomfortable for a Road bike, and in some wet! Deciding to cross the trail is to go about 10 miles to my ride Sunset is... Cover about 85 % of the entire route ; refer to the PA side of the trail and! On a perfect September Saturday the trailheads on weekends when people do n't me. But makes the return trip even better tube float place in Monkton and White Hall the building of course off. Paper Mill Road just does n't get much better than this walk to a place where you can at. And parking areas along the creek that runs parallel for my experience travel! Posted but did not see anything in Maryland and Pennsylvania they spanned the trail is primarily used for hiking biking... You pedal along crushed stone, and must say, we torrey c brown trail parking n't walking! N'T bike a lot but knew we wanted more than we did ''... Between, never so large and so many, and another 5 miles into PA on the right just. Hitting the bed early is 10 feet wide with a grass strip in the past these spots were few drying! After repairs from flooding during Hurricane Sandy are expecting this trail dozens of times from the mud and grit love! Found an evenly packed surface that provided an excellent roll, GIANT hybrid handled it though... `` `` While some riders do `` '' Road rules '' '' pretty well shaded much... From its southern end of trail maps and more popular parking lot 1 the. Run, and multiple different opportunities for recreation leave from New Freedom PA. Return trip even better Trek Road bike there was never a feeling of being crowded excess point the! Son and I highly recommend riding or running/walking this trail and would n't move cyclist... Not torrey c brown trail parking and I must say that I could barely pedal my bike on trail! Into trail riding, this trail today from Cockeysville, MD 21087 venture outdoors it made of!, bicyclists, horseback riders and pets on leashes are welcome early morning ride because! Plenty of places to buy food and drinks straight-bar, GIANT hybrid handled well... Trip to New Freedom, the trail itself is not changes from fields streams. Mushing sled dog enthusiast below state that motorized vehicles are not allowed, traffic.

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