Billa Kudumu

Billa Kudumu is an authentic Vysya Cuisine. It is a kind of idli that is made with ‘Biyum Nooka’ (coarsely ground rice). You can also make this from rice rava that is available in stores. It is very simple yet tasty dish. Now to the recipe.

Yields: 20 idlis


Rice Rava/Nooka: 1 cup
Moong Dal: 1 tbsp
Chenna Dal: 1 tbsp
Ghee: 1 tbsp
Coconut: 1 tbsp
Jaggery: 1 tsp
Water: 3 cups
Salt: as required


Soak chenna dal and moong dal for at least 2 hours.

In a pan/kadai add 3 cups of water, ghee, jaggery and required salt. When it starts to boil add the soaked dal. Cook for a minute.

Reduce the flame and add rava while you are stirring with your other hand. Make sure there are no lumps. Add grated coconut and cook until all the water is absorbed. Cook for few minutes. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool for few minutes such that you are able to make balls .

Take a small size of the mixture and make a medium lemon sized ball and flatten it like a patty. You can also make thick patties but I prefer mine to be a little flat ones.

Follow the same with the rest of the mixture. Steam them for 30 minutes.

Quick Peek:

Billa Kudumu

Enjoy with ‘Pulusu Pachadi’ or your choice of chutney!


  • For one cup of rice use three cups of water.

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