Instant Tiffin Sambar

Instant Tiffin Sambar is a very simple dish that can be made in a jiffy. It tastes delicious with Dosas, Idlies and Ven Pongal. This does not require cooking dal and hence the name.

Spring Onion Pulusu

Spring Onion Pulusu is a lentil dish prepared with toor dal and spring onion. This is a very easy and tastiest pulusu for the lunch.

Beerakai Paala Pulusu

Beerakai Paala Pulusu as the name suggests is an easy, tasty pulusu that is made with beerakai / peerkangaai / ridge gourd and milk i.e. ‘Paal’ in Telugu.

Ash Gourd Pindikooram

Ash Gourd Pindikooram is a tasty moong dal that is prepared with Ash Gourd. It is called as boodidha gummidikaaya in Telugu and vella poosani in Tamil.

Raw Mango Rice 2

Raw Mango Rice is one of the best lunch box recipes or comes handy when you want something to be packed while you travel.

Cauliflower Sambar

Cauliflower Sambar is a lentil dish prepared with cauliflower and toor dal. Sambar is one of the important dishes for lunch in South India.

Kothavarangai Thovarankoora

Kothavarangai Thovarankoora or Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili reaps the benefit of both Kothavarangai (cluster beans) and the benefits of dal.

Spinach Dal

Spinach Dal as the name suggests is a simple, tasty dal that is made with Spinach or any greens like Arai Keerai, Siru Keerai or Thandu Keerai.

Onion Rice

Onion Rice as the name suggests it is a simple rice that is prepared with mostly left over rice. It becomes a perfect lunch box recipe on lazy mornings.

Anumulu Pulusu

Anumulu Pulusu is made on Sankranti i.e. for Pongal festival. Markets are flooded with anumulu/motchai during the season and it is made with the fresh anumulu.