Samba Godhuma Rava Dosa

Samba Godhumai Rava Dosa does not require any fermentation so you can make these dosas right away!

Mushroom Sandwich

Mushroom Sandwich is a very simple, tasty and healthy sandwich. I come from a household where Bread is not our staple food so are the mushrooms. But my never ending love for mushroom ends up in the shopping trolley and also bread comes in handy when you are running out of time or mood to…

Nooka Idlis

Nooka idlis as the name suggests is an idli made with rice nooka. It is not only simple but very tasty. The coarse texture gives a different taste from the usual idlis that is made with smooth paste. You can make this with homemade biyyam nooka or store bought rice rava or cream of rice….

Coconut Dosa

Coconut dosa is usually made with a lot of dessicated coconut for softness but in this recipe we are going to achieve this by adding porridge to the batter. This dosa does not require any fermentation so you can make dosas right away!

Soya Chunks Kurma

Soya chunks kurma is a fantastic side dish for rotis/chapatis/parottas or any indian breads of your choice.

Varagu Arisi Amarthapalam

Amarthapalam is an authentic Vysya dish that is prepared with rice and curd. To make it more healthier I tried it with varagu arisi (kodo millet) and it was yummy yum!! 

Samai Khichdi

Samai Khichdi is a simple dish prepared with Samai aka Little Millet or Kutki. Samai Khichdi is a no garlic – no onion recipe. You can eat this dish if you are fasting on Ekadashi.

Cornmeal Uthappam

Cornmeal Uthappam as the name suggests is an Uthappam that is made with Cornmeal. Chekku dosa is an authentic dosa that is made with coarsely ground rice and toor dal, I’ve adapted that recipe but with cornmeal instead.


Pittu is one of the oldest recipes followed in every Vysya household from generations to generations. It is rich in proteins as it has moong dal and chenna dal. It is a long process as it involves grinding, steaming for long time, powdering them and then dividing it into a sweet and savory dish.

Pasta in White Sauce

Pasta in White Sauce needs no introduction and these days it has become the favourite of everyone. Pastas are available in many shapes and it is prepared in several ways though its origin is from Italy.