Curry Leaves Podi

Curry leaves are usually very underrated and we tend to pick them out from our dish. The key nutrients in Curry leaf include dietary fibers, proteins and rich supply of Vitamin A and Calcium. Other nutrients present in minor quantities include Vitamin B, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

This curry leaves podi comes as a blessing where the leaves are not thrown and honored for its nutritional value.

Podi rice is usually consumed with ghee and is the first course of a lunch meal in Andhra Cuisine. People suffering from hair loss or anemia should consume curry leaves as it is very rich in Iron.

There is no hard and fast rule in the quantity of curry leaves, you can add more if you want to make it more healthy. More the merrier!! okay healthier ☺!


Urid Dal: 1 cup
Red Chilli: 6
Tamarind: a gooseberry sized
Hing: 3 small pieces
Salt: as required (I added 1 tsp)
Curry leaves: 1 cup loosely packed
Oil: 1 tsp


Add a drop of oil in a pan and roast urid dal until it turns golden color. Keep it aside in a plate to cool.
Again, add a drop of oil to the same pan and roast the red chilies, tamarind and hing.
If you are using rock salt, dry roast that too.
Dry roast curry leaves until the leaves wilt and becomes dry. You can add a drop of oil if required.
Once everything cools grind to a slightly coarse powder in a mixie.

Quick Peek:

Enjoy with hot rice topped with Ghee and appalams/vadams/raw onions!


Store the powder in an air tight container. Use clean-dry hands to increase the shelf life.
Increase the red chilies for a spicier podi.
The quantity of curry leaves can be more or less according to your preference.

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