Garam Borukul

There are many variations to this recipe and this is one of the easiest. Garam Borukul / Garam Pori / Garam Bhel is a popular street food. This is a guilt-free, healthy snack one can ever have. Let’s go to the recipe!


For Garam:

Carrot: 2
Beetroot: 1
Radish: 1
Onion: 2
Lemon Juice: as required
Green Chilli paste: as required
Salt: as required

For Bhel:

Puffed rice
Roasted Chenna dal
Roasted Peanuts
Coconut Oil


Grate the carrots, radish and beetroot. Dice the onions and keep it ready. Mix all the vegetables and add the required amount of salt, lemon juice and green chilli paste and mix.

Take the required amount of puffed rice in a mixing bowl. Add the required amount of Garam that we prepared and add the required roasted chenna dal and peanuts and a tsp of coconut oil and give a quick mix. Serve in a plate.

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