Idli Dosa Podi

Though we make many tasty side dishes for idli or dosa, still we like to eat with idli dosa podi. It is packed with proteins and it is a saviour when we need something instantly. This recipe is the one followed at our home and it also serves as a seasoning podi for many dishes. So this is usually made in bulk and can be stored for months together. Now let’s see the making!

Usually it is grounded in mill. You can also powder it in mixie if you are making it in lesser quantity.

Yields: 2 kg


Urad Dal: 1 kg
Chenna Dal: 1 kg
Sesame Seeds: 200 g
Red Chilli: 250 g
Hing: 50 g
Jeera: 50 g
Curry Leaves: 5 sprig
Tamarind: 25 g
Salt: 20 g / as required
Oil: to roast (use as little as possible)

The proportions can be modified according to your requirement if you want to make it in lesser quantity.


Prepare the following ingredients and keep them aside separately:

Dry roast curry leaves until it’s crispy.

Break the tamarind into small pieces and dry roast until it’s crispy.

Fry the salt for a couple of minutes.

Add a tsp of water and roast the sesame seeds until it starts to splutter.

Dry roast jeera until you get a nice aroma. 

Dry roast hing (if you are not using powder).

In a tsp of oil fry the urid dal and chenna dal separately, until it becomes golden colour. 

In a tsp of oil fry the red chillies until they become crisp. 


Allow everything to cool and mix together. Grind coarsely in a mill.

Store in an airtight container and always use clean dry hands when handling it to increase the shelf life.

Enjoy as an accompaniment for dosa/idli and do check my other recipes Pulusu Atkul and Pulusu Pachadi to know its usage as seasoning powder ☺!!


  • Adjust chillies according to your preference.

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