Mint Squash

Mint squash is a refreshing beverage that is prepared with fresh mint leaves. It comes in handy during summers when you are bored of drinking just water to keep yourself hydrated.

This recipe was passed by my neighbor when I found it hard to make my toddler drink something, this recipe came to my rescue. Hence I chose Coconut Sugar as the sweetener which resulted in a brown colored squash. If you are concerned by the color then feel free to substitute it with white sugar. 


Fresh Mint: 2 medium bunch
Coconut Sugar: 1 cup
Water: 1 cup


Clean and wash the mint leaves well and drain the water and keep it aside.


In a sauce pan, add a cup of water and the coconut sugar and bring this to boil.

Now add mint leaves and close the lid and allow to boil for 5 minutes.

You can also add the mint leaves and just keep it covered. But I prefer to boil it for 5 minutes.

Keep this overnight and allow it to soak. Next day with a strainer strain the liquid and discard the leaves. 

Quick Peek:

Mint Squash

Store this in an air tight container and refrigerate. Stays good for a week. Your squash is ready.

Mock tail Suggestion:

You can add 2 tbsp of the squash with a cup of water and drink as a juice. It tastes great when chilled.

In the picture:

I added juice of 2 freshly squeezed oranges, juice of ½ big sized lemon, 2 tbsp of Mint Squash and ¾ cup of chilled water. Also, you can add a tsp of fresh ginger juice for extra flavor. It tastes amazing. You can pulse them in a blender and transfer to a glass. Enjoy!


  • You can also add white sugar.
  • Adjust the quantity of the squash according to your taste.
  • Serve chilled as it tastes good that way.
  • You can also grind them the next day and then strain for a strong flavor. I liked this better than just discarding the leaves.

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