Oota Vegetables

Other than mahali kilangu other vegetables that are most commonly used in Oota are thammakkai, avisikkai,small and big kalakkai, bilvakkai, ara nilikkai, cauliflower, cabbage, plaintain stem, thandu keerai (only the stem), winged beans, mokkra kai, green pepper, mango ginger, kali kai, tender bamboo, gooseberry(big) and carrot etc.

Oota Vege Collage

Few more details on each individual special oota vegetable to help you find them easily in your locality. A cousin of mine even grows them in her terrace garden..Lovely isn’t!!

  1. Hero of our Oota : Magali kizhanguMagali kizhangu
    English name : Swallowroot. It is commonly known by its names of Maredu KommuluNannari kommulu or Madina kommulu in TeluguMakali beru or Vagani beru in Kannada and Magali kizhangu in Tamil is a plant whose root is used in ayurvedic medicines and for use in pickles and to make sharbat.
  2. ThammakkaiThammakkai
    English Name : Sword Beans.  In Telugu it is called chamma kaya also called Tammi kaya. In Tamil it is called valavaraik-kay or valavaran-gai which means, the vegetable that looks like a sword.
  3. Kalakkai

    Kalakkai big       Kalakkai 1       Kalakkai small
    English Name: Bengal currant. It is known as karonda (Devanagari: करोंदा), karamardaka (Sanskrit), kauLi hannu/ಕೌಳಿ ಹಣ್ಣು (Kannada), kali maina/कालि मैना (Marathi), karauna (Maithili), vakkaya (Telugu), Canta-(Konkani) maha karamba/මහ කරඹ (sinhala), kilaakkaai/கிளாக்காய் (Tamil). It is available in both small and big sizes.
  4. Bilvakkai

    English Name: Bael Fruit. Commonly known as bael or bili or bhel, also Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple or wood apple. It is called vilva palam in Tamil, bel in Hindi, maredu in Telugu.
  5. Ara Nelikkai 
    Ara Nelikkai 
    English Name : Star Gooseberries. In India, it is called chalmeri, harpharoi, Nellikai, Harfi, Arunellikai, Abazhanga, Nellipuli, Irumban Puli, Bilimbi, Usiri (Telugu-ఉసిరి), Khatamada, Arinelli, Bimbool, Arinellika, Kiru Nerle, Mara Nelli, Amla.
  6. ChikidikkaiChikidikkai
    English Name: Winged Beans. Also known as the Goa bean, four-angled bean, four-cornered bean, Manila bean and Dragon bean.
  7. Mokkra kaiMokkra kai
    English Name: Clove Beans. It is known as Kaambhu Kathrikkai in Tamil.Sources:

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  1. Sri says:

    Excellent work!! Kudos to ur efforts to put together all these details!!

    1. avvascookbook says:

      Thank you very much! Glad that you liked it 🙂

  2. Kamatchi says:

    OH my God!! i am so happy to have found this website. You are tamilnadu vysya right? seeing these recipes make me so happy! Please continue posting:) It will also be nice to know about you and your avva 🙂

  3. avvascookbook says:

    😁 Thank you Kamatchi!

  4. Swapna says:

    How can I buy these Veggies not all are available in bangalore.we get amla , Magali beru here.. please help me source with someone who can courier me these veggies in case anyone has contact.

    1. AVVASCOOKBOOK says:

      Most of the veggies are in season during December – January. I suggest visiting a farmers market for a fresh stock. Will certainly pass you the numbers if I come across any vendors.

    2. K C Poornima says:

      Contact : Mrs.Nagarani
      91 99400 25441
      You will find your all oota vegetables from her 🙂
      – Poornima

  5. Durga says:

    I am also I need of those oota vegetables pls can some one help me with any contact or where we get

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