Pindi Masal

Pindi in telugu means flour. It is a gravy that is prepared with besan flour/gram flour. And this is a fantastic side dish for dosa. It comes to our rescue when we run out of veggies. It is also known as Bombay Masal/Bombay Chutney. I don’t know why it’s called so! If you know, please let me know ☺ too!! Now off to this easy recipe.

Cuisine: Vysya

Servings: 4

Tomatoes: 1 big juicy one
Onions: 1 cup diced
Green Chillies: 3
Besan Flour: 2 tbsp
Turmeric: ¼ tsp
Oil: 2 tbsp
Water: 2-3 cups

For seasoning:

Mustard: ½ tsp
Urad dal: 1 tsp
Chenna dal: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: 1 spring


Mix the besan flour in little water without lumps and keep it ready.

In a heavy bottomed pan add 2 tbsp of oil and do the seasoning. Then add diced onions and fry for a minute. Add turmeric powder,green chillies and tomatoes and fry for few minutes. Add 2 cups of water and let it cook until it becomes soft. Once it starts to boil reduce the flame and add the besan flour (mixed with water) slowly and keep stirring while adding. Add more water if required. Once it starts to boil and when the right consistency (neither thick nor watery it should be like a sauce) is reached, switch off the flame.

Serve as a side dish for dosa and enjoy! It also goes well with chapati too.

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  1. Vidhya T says:

    Awesome mam!
    Your recipes are written the authentic vysya way, and complements all my cooking notes!

    1. avvascookbook says:

      That’s very encouraging, thank you Vidhya T! Keep visiting.

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