Pullani Murukku

Pullani Murukku is a savoury that is prepared with sour curd hence the name. This is a yummy scrumptious snack that is made in every Vysya household. It is one of the ‘No one can eat just one’ kinds of snack. The tanginess and spiciness is a yummy treat to your taste buds. Do give this a try if you haven’t!

Yields: 500g


Rice flour: 3 cup
Roasted Urad dal flour: ½ cup
Green chillies: 15 or as required (grind it to a paste)
Sour curd: 1 cup (i.e. buttermilk)
Lemon: 1 big (to squeeze in curd)
Salt: as required


Dry roast the urad dal slightly and then powder them finely. Take the recommended measurement after powdering and keep aside.

Grind the green chillies in a mixie and keep them ready aside.

Step 1:

Mix the green chili paste, sour curd, lemon juice and salt together like buttermilk.

Step 2:

Mix rice flour and urad dal flour and keep them separately.

Mix the ingredients mentioned in step 1 and 2. Prepare it in a murukku dough consistency and mix the ingredients instantly just before frying i.e. you need to mix them in parts such that the quantity that you will need to fry at that time. If not your murkkus will change colour.

Do a trial round to check the level of sourness and spiciness. You can adjust the sourness by squeezing more lemon to the buttermilk (instead of adding more sour curd). This will make the murukku to be more white in colour else after deep fry it will turn brown.

Make murukku like you always do.

You can use round mould in the murukku maker to make murukkus.

Enjoy this yummy tangy spicy snack!!

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