Pumpkin Adai

Pumpkin Adai is a yummy nutritious dish that is made with pumpkin and dals. Pumpkin is a highly nutrient-dense food. It is rich in vitamins and minerals but low in calories. Pumpkin seeds, leaves, and juices all pack a powerful nutritional punch.

Pumpkin has a range of fantastic health benefits, including being one of the best-known sources of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant. It also gives orange vegetables and fruits their vibrant colour. The body converts any ingested beta-carotene into vitamin A. Consuming foods rich in beta-carotene may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, offer protection against asthma and heart disease, and delay aging and body degeneration, potassium in pumpkin can have a positive effect on blood pressure, antioxidants help in preventing degenerative damage to the eyes.

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Serves: 2


Pumpkin: 200 g (preferably tender)
Idly Rice: 1 cup
Urad Dal: 1 tsp
Chenna Dal: 2 tsp
Toor Dal: 3 tsp
Coconut: 1.5 tbsp
Ginger: 1” piece
Hing: 1 pea sized piece/a generous pinch
Curry Leaves: 1 sprig
Red Chilli: 5
Salt: as required
Oil: for making adais


Clean and wash the rice and dals. Soak them together for at least 4 hours.

Peel the skin of the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. Grate the pumpkin so that it will be easy for grinding. Or, you can also chop them and grind.


In a mixie/blender/grinder add rice, dals, coconut, ginger, hing, curry leaves, red chillies and required salt and grind to a coarse paste (like brown rava) adding very little water.

In a mixie add the grated/chopped pumpkins and grind to a paste. Mix both the ground pastes. The end mixture should be a thick mixture as the pumpkin will ooze out water.

You need not ferment this. You can make adais straight away.

In a tawa when it is hot, take a small lemon sized ball (you can use water in small bowl to dip and make patties). Drop the ball on the tawa and press gently making small thick patties. Close and cook until golden brown on both the sides.



  • Add finely chopped pearl onions to the batter for a tastier Pumpkin Adai.
  • You can also garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Add tamarind as per your taste and little jaggery if you prefer for a different taste.


  • Authentic Pumpkin Adai is a thick, chewy adai. You can adjust the consistency so the batter will loosen up a little for a soft pumpkin adai.
  • Refrigerate the leftover batter.
  • Choose tender pumpkins so that it will be easy on the mixer blades ☺ and tastes yummy too.

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  1. PiriyaM says:

    I made this today and it tasted awesome! I prepared following all the variations that you suggested. Please post pumpkin vadai recipe too 🙂

    1. avvascookbook says:

      Thank you, sure!

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