are tuaregs black


Thank you once again for your paper and “courage”! But one thing I agree with you, is that the MNLA is finished. On a encore un progandiste raciste qui sous le couver de pseudo specialité parle de génocide contre les touaregs. Then again, I don’t fully trust the Malian government to generate accurate statistics about anything, so what can we conclude? Timbuctu, Gao and Kidal. Additionally, the Tuaregs are split into various tribes: the Kel-Air, Kel-Gress, Iwilli-Minden, and the Immouzourak. I am also aware that there are lots of erroneous information in these gov cables. Do you agree? And where it does exist it’s passionate and sincere. Philadelphia, PA 19151. Votre commentaire était alors une réaction exaggérée. Yet the Tuaregs continue to speak a Berber-rooted language, Tamashaq. And in which context did this particular individual make this remark? Une telle discrimination, un tel égoïsme au 21e siècle de la part d’un pays dit démocratique doivent interpeller toutes les Nations Démocratiques du Monde. To whom my to whom may be concerned it, The Tuaregs were among the few to still maintain a very public trade in slaves. Said the leader and architect of the revolution Ibrahim Ag Bahanaga “God’s mercy” for deposed Toumani Toure: “It is not important to disarmament in the hands, but more importantly that disarmament in the minds”. The ruler, like Nehru in India, often attempts to be quite flexible on autonomy while sticking hard to non-independence. You owe an apology to the hundreds of thousands of Tuareg people that you have disrespected at a time when they are fleeing racialized hatred and genocidal attacks. One last thing, I absolutely do not agree with you when you say that “Even the abuse perpetrated by the Malian army today is geared toward many communities — not only the Tuareg”. life in a budding West African metropolis, “teach-in” organized by Michigan State University, a list of reported abuses by Malian forces, claims to have filed suit against the Malian government in the International Criminal Court, the Malian army has not committed any exaction, Greg Mann’s commentary on the racial politics of Tuareg nationalism, interviewed on NPR last month about Mali’s Tuareg population, Understanding Mali’s ‘Tuareg problem’ — War in Context, Intervention In Mali | Crossed Crocodiles,,, Niger: New Drone Base Highlights a Shift in US-West African Relations | The Elephant, Exploring risk and resilience in rural Mali. Notre pays le Grand Mali a honte aujourd’hui. 5) or that the label of “historically oppressed minority” doesn’t easily fit their history: Yes, contrary to MNLA claims, the Tuaregs are not oppressed because the Malian government has a policy of discrimination towards the population of the North. They probably constitute a majority in the Kidal region, which in 2009 had a population just shy of 70,000 people — the size of a modest Bamako neighborhood. Some Tuaregs preferred to be called Limajgn or Temasheq; and were akin to Amazigh, meaning free men, they became a hybrid by combining in their blood with several races such as Targi, Arabic and Africans, due to the living with the Arabs in the north and with the black … Yes, we can agree or disagree about some ideas and opinions. I don’t even know how to answer that. “ … We even have a national holiday to commemorate those who lost their lives on that day ”le 26 mars” and a monument was built in their memories: ”le momument du 26 mars”. Anthropologist and Tuareg specialist for forty years, Its a pity that you are only a specialist on Tuaregues, you should try and study deeper all other etnic GROUPS of the Northern Mali, maybe you would stop saying the Writter of this article is Racist ! The Bambara of Bamako were as pissed off with the utterly corrupt, self-serving, mendacious and machiavellian regime of ATT as the leaders of the MNA and MNLA were. If you don’t have anything constructive to contribute to this discussion I suggest you take your name-calling elsewhere. The problem will remain how Tuaregs, whether are blacks or whites, have suffered a lot at hands of successive Malian governments. Or were expelled? You might not have intended it to read as such, but that is how it reads. Ganda Koy was a self defense milicia. The Malian military must do something to guard and enforce the border between Kidal and Algeria, not to mention defend Timbuktu and Gao. A word to all Malians, get your ….ish together and find your voice. Sinon allons-nous conclure que tu fais juste de la diversion. Fati suggested we split Mali in 3 federal regions — would we put that to a nationwide vote? I expect the same from you. The Tuaregs speak Tamacheq, which is one of the Berber languages, but some subgroups of Tuareg are also literate in French, Hausa, and Songhay. India and Pakistan. If you can find one whose mother is of Kutama, whose father is of Sanhaja, and whose origin is Masmuda, then you will find her naturally inclined to obedience and loyalty in all matters, active in service, suited both to motherhood and to pleasure, for they are the most solicitous in caring for their children. they eat milk, porridge, … We have a school — built and paid for by the locals. 1710 North 62nd Street Select from premium Tuaregs of the highest quality. Two, simplistic categories used to describe these people and their relations with neighboring groups actually keep us from understanding, let alone preventing, the race-based injustices that have occurred in Mali and throughout the region. As a scholar I have the responsibility to correct any false claims I have made. The Tuaregs are called Imouhagh and Tamahaq (coming from the term Iohagh, meaning: to be free, independent). I wish all the comments could be this helpful. Explore. While the Government of Mali, took over the management of AZAWAD more than 50 years, what is the result? And if you wanan discuss about facts, arguments, scientific proofs, etc,, do not hesitate either! And if this message is conveyed in a vacuum, without any context, as is the case here, you end up causing unnecessary harm. The Touareg are a minority in the north, and if you take all Touareg, from the Kel Antessar of Timbuktu and Goundam to the Iwellemeden of Menaka and Amderamboukane and did a poll, you’d probably find that the MNLA poll less than 50%. And also the United States of America How many light skinned Tuaregs have made this remark to you? Learn how your comment data is processed. I have seen Tuaregs reactions concerning your petition and all of them against you , while there are hundreds of Tuareg groups who support MNLA and Azawad independence. I know for a fact that this cable was classified, and that it didn’t get leaked by choice. Et pourquoi vous sentez vous personnellement attaqué par mes propos à l’endroit des propos de Mr. Bruce Hall? Do you have any understanding of the conditions in which people live in the desert? Encore une fois, je me répète, sachiez que mes propos ne vous indexent particulièrement pas. Even the abuse perpetrated by the Malian army today is geared toward many communities — not only the Tuareg. The Tuaregs have been called the "blue people" for the indigo dye coloured clothes they traditionally wear and which stains their skin. I love you. You are no expert on the Tuaregs to be saying such misleading and damaging things about them, and you have grossly violated the anthropological code of ethics. It is not showing up yet, because he retains the right to filter posts and deny them. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You have not responded to the other half of the issues I contend are critical for a full fair unbiased report The American Anthropological Association (AAA) Code of Ethics says anthropologists have an obligation toward vulnerable populations, to carefully weigh the consequences of what they claim about them. The next time you want to express you biased views about Tuaregs in Mali I suggest you do more research. If you HAVE to pinpoint a color to them, white would be most fitting for berbers and tuaregs seem to be more mixed in my experience. The key to understanding why people in southern Mali are spreading such propaganda is contained in the USA Today writer’s own observation: “Human Rights Watch said the Malian army and black … We need an intelligent approach instead of back room deals conducted between Koulouba and a few folks from Kidal; an approach that includes EVERYBODY; whether Tuareg or Kel-Songhay or Kel-Bambara. THey did understand the problem is that they don’t accept the truth. In 2003, … Or judge its success or credited! He has patronized the Songhai (language he speaks properly), Bellah (former slaves) and other ethnic southerners in the city. Most of the people we call “the Tuareg” are black. En effet, une lecture des différents commentaires postes depuis le jour de la publication de M. Whitehouse (avec lequel on peut encore une fois être d’accord ou pas) révèle sans l’ombre d’un doute un réel problème de communication, de dialogue, d’écoute et d’ouverture d’esprit entre les différentes parties. We should all fight to stop any violence in this our country. I do not know why you insist that the Tuareg in azawad must all agree on secession!! Berbers aka Imazighen are NOT White. PS: I used to receive email notifications of new posts on your blog, but since our last exchanges, which you referenced in your recent post, the notifications have stopped. The Tuaregs live in one of the harshest environments in the world ( Wikimedia Commons ) ... the Tuaregs were able to engage in the Trans-Saharan trade, where gold, salt and black slaves passed their cities on their way to the North African coast. You are wasting your time. Ms Mariama, My dear Gloria, you are asking an anthropologist to put the “Tuaregs” to work? If the opinion of the educated class and educated, is fraud, racism and cancelation against Tuareg in azawad ! 2,676 0. A semi-nomadic Muslim people, they are believed to be descendants of the Berber natives of North Africa. I agree with your conclusion and the last paragraph in your introduction. I consider the blacksmith family in question Tuareg, if for no other reason than that they speak Tamasheq. No one even tought of the Problems which might occur. Official sources might try to deny or minimize this fact, but it is well-known and is the reason why displaced refugees in surrounding countries don’t come back now, even after the territories have been “pacified” by the French. So let’s discuss the topics you covered:1) that most Tuareg are black: and how? The facts today are that Sanogo worsened the army’s situation in the north so much more that the French had to intervene. The worst thing is not that you write on a subject that you don’t know obviously, but that you put forward the fact that you are an anthropologist for that you can write about a subject you don’t know, as if being an anthropologist on one subject makes act of authority on the field of any subject. There’s also a feeling that although the MNLA have made some serious mistakes, they often had no other option. Therefore, no wiseperson should take his post more than a porpaganda , serving Malian Gov. 6th century Isidore Archbishop of Seville claimed the word Maure meant black … Tuaregs have to integrate for survival…(to survive Globally,Educationally,health,trade etc etc) there will never be a Azwad state neither in Mail no in any of the bordering states. In my opinion: because the system is broken, the government is corrupt and incompetent. Ms Mariama, Yes, there is stigma associated with being a dark-skinned Tuareg in the south, some embrace it and others decide to change their last names to Songhai ones etc… But there are many dark-skinned Tuaregs who are proud of their culture and heritage. They just have to adjust to nowdays, like Songhois, peules, Zulus in South Africa, Conhamas in Angola and so on. I even looked it up and found a couple of definitions: 1) based on the idea of insects that suddenly come out from under boards in a house where they have been hidden; 2) to appear after being hidden or not active for a long time, especially in order to do something unpleasant…so, either he is an insect or he is unpleasant…pick one. In conclusion , your attempt to show your readers that there is no problem for Azawad people while supporting your claims with some disinformation about Tuaregs is not well done. no touareg Problem… well, let me see. But you’re telling me that a US official based in Bamako has created some numbers and that those are true; I am sorry, but I am a scientist and I don’t go by rumors; I need facts and hard numbers. judge that their demand acceptable or unacceptable, There is nothing – the agreed upon humans –. Their … Many of malian army in north was light-skin I want to ask you : you said MNLA doesn’t represent Tuaregs in Azawad ,so do you represent Tuaregs in Azawad? The fiercely independent Tuareg resented … I have been one of the first Tuareg from Mali, since January 2012 to say clearly and permanently to my brothers, friends, etc. On top of it, some of your (well, I should say “some of the sentences of other people you copied in your article) sentences are quite stupid and untrue. Would we all accept the outcome of such vote? Regarding popular support for separatism, your statement that “so far no data has proven that their ideology is not shared by the vast majority of people” is absolutely true, as is the opposite statement–“so far no data has proven that their ideology IS shared by the vast majority of people”! And by the way, you should dial your anti-Tuareg radar down a notch. , these are criminals with it! Thanks for the crash course in this Mali…Tuareg er NML..Sahid, salacious stuff! That’s ALL we need!!! when I say Mali How about you who is funding you? And I know quite well the living between the Tuaregues and the Northern People, and its time, you put them to work, as specialist, in 2013 they can not live out of the air and simply ROB all other that have to do HARD working to eat ! This social study, although policy attempted to use! If you don’t want comments on you blog then why post it in the first place?? Fermez les 2 premiers Touaregs reviendrai à prendre parti, ce qui discrédite votre connaissance et l’honnêteté intellectuelle est une valeur universelle à prôné I ask readers who disagree with me to direct my attention to specific errors of fact or interpretation in my analysis. Ensuite vous me répondez en me qualifiant de “nulle part” lorsque vous dites: “Lorsque vous écrivez sur les Touaregs, toutes sortes de voix viennent de nulle part ….” Remember that Tuareg civilians in Kati and Bamako were already the targets of mob violence in early 2012. Nobody is overlooking anything. That is the KEY WORD for PEACE in Mali. I sincerely hope that if you insist on publishing any more on this subject that you do so only after you have conducted research that is thorough and impartial. The strongest evidence against this is that modern admixture studies show that Berbers show *less* admixture from Sub-Saharan Africa than Arab-speaking populations (Tunisian example in the link). Je sais que vous n’aviez pas travaillé au Centre Ahmed Baba, mais je sais aussi que vous y aviez mené vos travaux de recherche. The streets filled with mobs of people screaming “Death to the Tuaregs!” The Tuareg people were chased, robbed, and had their homes burned, and hundreds of thousands of Tuareg people have fled the visceral hatred and horrific abuses against them in Mali. Je ne me suis pas directement adressé pas à vous et c’est vous qui défendiez et publiez sur votre blog des contre-vérités insultantes et injurieuses sur mon peuple que vous taxez d’esclavagiste et dont les dernieres exactions subies trouveraient leur justification dans son passé. I have not posted much to this blog for the past several months, but you should still receive notification whenever new posts appear. This is just a propaganda, it is not working anymore. 4) that the Tuareg have not been excluded from the Malian govt. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Let me explain why. Now we are witnessing the same scenario and the same method, as Malian troops and its militias are heading now towards Tenere of Azawad under support of french troops targeting Azawad civilians in an wicked attempt to exterminate people of Azawad. You are being a partisan. And I highly recommend some Tinariwen soundtracks for those anti-Tuareg sentiments that keep you up at night. If there is truly no Tuareg problem in Mali then why are we in this mess in the first place? The reason I ask this is the following: in this blog, you have seen how someone challenged Elmehdi Ag Muphtah for not being a real Tuareg, simply because he made a petition against the MNLA. I always thought that ATT was a rather heroic figure in Mali, who launched its democracy project by sacking Moussa Traore and refusing to be president himself, and took a back seat and allowing the democratically-elected Alpha Konare to rule for 2 terms before seeking election and being elected president? Isn’t it problem??? Wa Salam. I realized I was wrong when I received from a colleague on malilink news about the post and reactions to it. Your credibility too. But the Songhay, a sedentary, phenotypically “black” population, are the biggest group in northern Mali. Si vous êtes americain vous devrez avoir honte de parler de génocide au Mali que vous êtes loin de connaître. After riots in D.C., NBA coach slams 3 GOP senators Are you afiliated to a drug cartel ? The bulk of Tuaregs are in refugee camps or hiding in the desert with their animals; their voices are not being heard; as they do not have access to petitions or blogs. Your statements about the Tuareg people demonstrate your partisan bias against them, at a time when people of Tuareg identity are at high risk for genocidal attacks, in a very sensitive geopolitical situation that is dangerously impacting them. Last week I took part in a “teach-in” organized by Michigan State University devoted to the ongoing crisis in Mali. They refers them as "Bellahs" Thanks x 1; Disagree! Celles qui restent sur place sont désarmées devant des forces d’occupation. They are so well behaved that they were even Kadaffis Body Guards to all the Incredible things they did to Women, amanzing Culture, amazing tactics to treat the Human Being up North of Mali. You are in flagrant default of the AAA Code of Ethics and you should be ashamed of yourself for making claims and arguments that are damaging to the Tuareg people. Non, c’est trop simpliste de trouver mes propos insultant et injurieux par rapport aux propos irrespectueux et sans considération pour mon peuple. maybe about 200 years ago, there was no Problem with native americans as well? Elmehadi, now you are defending yourself. Les autres aussi ont le droit de vivre sur les même terres. It is immensely tragic that foreign powers should opportunistically seek to use the weaknesses of this giant of a country with clay feet, to pursue their own selfish interests; the French regime, to court popularity at home, and the US, to cement the presence of Africom in Africa. A half-dozen Africanist scholars joined a pair of retired U.S. ambassadors to discuss the origins and consequences of that country’s state collapse, ethnic tensions, the rebel takeover and French military intervention. 1) “Maybe there’s no such thing as a dark-skinned Tuareg”. Its incredible, that if one Tuaregue is HURT a BATTALION of People come to help, I would like to see the same treat by the Same People, on Fulas, Zulus, Songhois, Bozos…. Not to accept the return of Mali to azawad. figure: How was this number arrived at? what you do is to polarize. People are attacking this post for things it didn’t even say — and very few of the critics are offering any solution. Women's Fashion. Tuaregs are very misunderstood by outsiders and your propaganda blog doesn’t help! So, let’s not waste any more time on the number thing; we can agree to disagree. De manière assez schizophrénique, les puissances occidentales ont renforcé cet état de fait en payant de généreuses rançons à Aqmi pour la libération de leurs otages, alimentant un filon lucratif, non seulement pour remplir les poches des jihadistes, mais aussi celles des intermédiaires impliqués dans les négociations autour des libérations d’otages pour arriver à asphyxier les populations de l’Azawad. Do you think that more violence is the best way to solve your problem ? I wonder it it was the other way AROUND !!!! A few folks have electricity (solar and generator). May you find peace. No one can decide without the others. Your attempt to softpedal the ethnic hatred that has motivated the government of Bamako and people in the south is insulting and damaging to the Tuareg people. MLNA is finished but has left a mess behind that will take years or decades to clean up. – Tuareg are like any other tribes in Africa, they have class distinctions inherited .. And that they are mixed with black african and middle eastern while fulanis and tuaregs are mixed with black african and north african which is similar to middle eastern heritage. Government of Mali pain do the same this and more?!! One, whatever the “Tuareg problem” is, an independent or autonomous state for “the Tuareg” is unlikely to solve it. ), Bodies in a well in Sévaré: Who are they? That means then that the Population of GAO DISTRICT does not accept MNLA !!!! That will be simply intellectually dishonest! This does nothing for our brothers and sisters who go to bed hungry and scared or wonder when they would be back into their homes. My remarks included the statement that “even in Libya, the Tuareg were still subject to discrimination.” Amadou, a Fulani Malian with whom I’ve exchanged friendly e-mails, wrote on an online forum, “With ‘even’ and ‘still’ one may wonder if in Bruce’s mind Tuareg are ‘subject to discrimination’ in their places of origin.” I responded that indeed they were. Of course , both regimes of north Africa and West Africa marginalized Tuaregs and treated them with injustice .

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