Samba Godhuma Rava Dosa

Dosas are an inevitable part of our diets. So to make it more interesting our ancestors had numerous varieties that can be made in a healthier way. Samba Godhuma rava  which is usually made as upma is our avva’s version of instant noodles and I bet many of us hesitate to eat that, though it has numerous health benefits.

Cracked wheat is a popular cereal of South India. Popularly known as broken wheat, Dalia is a healthy alternative to whole wheat as it contains the outer bran, which makes it an excellent source of dietary fibre. It is a popular dietary supplement in many cultures owing to its huge health benefits. Cracked wheat is full of iron, protein, and calcium. It is also an excellent source of magnesium and phosphorus.

It is called Samba Godhumai in Tamil, Dalia and Lapsi Rava in Hindi. Samba wheat or broken wheat is richer in fibre than ordinary wheat as it is not polished and does not lose any of its nutrients during the process.


This dosa does not require any fermentation so you can make dosas right away! 

Serves: 2


Raw Rice: 1 cup
Brown Rava/Upma Rava/Godhuma Rava: 1 cup
Salt: as required
Oil: To make dosas


Clean and wash the raw rice.
Clean the Godhuma Rava and keep it ready.
Soak rice and Godhuma Rava separately for at least 4 hours.
Remove the water from the rava and grind it to a smooth paste.
Then grind the rice to a smooth paste and mix with the rava batter. Add required salt and mix well.

I prefer to use the water that the rava was soaked in to grind the batter and also to bring the batter to the required consistency. (Since the water is similar to the milk of wheat)


Batter should be of pouring consistency. So add enough water to achieve this. Once the batter is ready you can make dosas.
In a tawa, grease little oil and once it is hot enough, make dosas like you do for Rava Dosa.

Quick Peek:

Samba Godhuma Rava

Serve hot with Instant Tiffin Sambar or any side dish of your choice like iddli dosa podi.

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Refrigerate the batter when you are not making the dosas so that you can avoid the dosa becoming sour.
I recommend you to cover the dosa with a lid while cooking.

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