Spring Onion Pulusu

Spring Onion Pulusu is a lentil dish prepared with toor dal and spring onion. Spring onion which has numerous names such as green onion, table onion, salad onion, onion stick, long onion, baby onion, precious onion, yard onion and many more.

Nutritionally, green onions have a combination of the benefits of onions and greens. They are an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C and a very good source of vitamin A too. Spring onion provides a host of health benefits such lowering the blood sugar level, support against gastrointestinal problems, medicine for common cold, appetizer as it helps digestion and speeds up the level of blood circulation in the body. Let’s add all these goodness in our diet ☺!!

Serves: 3


Spring Onion: 3 cups
Toor dal: ½ cup
Chilli powder: ¾ tsp
Tamarind Paste: ¾ tsp
Jaggery: ½ tsp
Turmeric powder: a pinch
Gingelly oil: ¼ tsp
Salt: as required

For Seasoning:

Mustard: ½ tsp
Oil: 1 tsp
Curry Leaves: a sprig


Clean and wash toor dal and add enough water, turmeric powder, gingelly oil and pressure cook for 5 whistles or until soft.

Chop the spring onions into an inch sized pieces. You can chop the bulb too. Pressure cook for 3 whistles or until soft but not mushy. Keep this ready.


In a saucepan add cooked dal, cooked spring onions, tamarind paste, chilli powder, jaggery, required salt and mix.

Add enough water to bring to your desired consistency.

Cook until it starts to boil. Do the seasoning and pour on top.

Quick Peek:

Spring Onion Pulusu Collage

Enjoy Spring Onion Pulusu with hot rice!!


  • Adding jaggery is optional.
  • Adjust chilli powder according to your preference.
  • As there is no thickening agent other than toor dal, adjust the amount of dal/water according to the consistency required.
  • Add pearl onions along with spring onions and cook them until soft for a tastier pulusu.

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