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It isn’t a perfect episode, and not even a really great episode, but it’s the insistence to sticking with the gimmick is enough to inch this one above the previous two episodes. If there were any episodes that I missed please make sure to let me know! In its original broadcast, "Sideshow Bob Roberts" finished tied for 64th place in the weekly ratings for the week of October 3 to October 9, 1994, with a Nielsen rating of 8.6. “Cape Feare” is a hell of an episode of television. Simpsons TV Show. Truly a great character and so well executed. So, even though “Cape Feare” doesn’t really feature that strong of a mystery, I still have to admit that it’s my favorite of the bunch. “Funeral for a Fiend” was written by Michael Price and directed by Rob Oliver, 2007. It was written by Michael Price and was directed by Rob Oliver. She is a wife of Sideshow Bob and mother of Gino Terwilliger. The purpose of him and his family is to kill Bart Simpson and possibly all other Simpsons. While Bob may be a homicidal genius, Bart Simpson knows how to push his button, and Bob’s vanity is always an assured way to get him off his game, which is done to terrific effect in this episode. Top 10 Best Sideshow Bob EpisodesSubscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Fourteen stories about a grown man trying to brutally kill a ten-year old boy who has continuously been a thorn in his side. They’re all pretty fun, and make for weird little departures to the normal order of episodes. "Funeral for a Fiend" is the eighth episode of The Simpsons' nineteenth season. “The Great Louse Detective” was written by Jon Frink and Don Payne and directed by Steven Dean Moore, 2002. This episode lays the foundation of what a Sideshow Bob episode should be, and introduces the central conceit that I’ve always found so strange and enjoyable. Change ). Krusty Gets Busted (29 April 1990) 2. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr., better known as Sideshow Bob, is a recurring antagonist from the animated sitcom The Simpsons. Which resulted in episodes like this. Having him run, and get elected, for mayor of Springfield all as an evil plot is a whole lot of fun, regardless of current political similarities. The lack of a mystery is a serious downside to this episode, but it gets a huge step-up by the fact that it’s a very fun and funny episode. Please make sure to upvote this, not for the karma but so that other people can find this. The idea to have Sideshow Bob have a heretofore never-mentioned brother who is voiced by fellow Frasier castmate David Hyde-Pierce is a hilarious one, and it ends up working beautifully in this episode. Black Widower (9 April 1992) 3. But, I don’t think that there’s really any debate that his first attempt lead to a much better episode. I thought that too. But, having Bob be forced to pal around with the Simpsons, and especially Homer, was a pretty fun idea, even though it never really had any hope of besting one of the classic episodes. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television. Sideshow Bob Original Poster 7 months ago Please Note: This is a list of every Sideshow Bob central episode, so I did not include episodes that included him in the background of episodes, or Treehouse of Horror episodes. The last bunch of episodes on this list are all going to classic ones, stories that fall into what I consider to be the true formula for a Sideshow Bob episode. But, that’s about it. But, where this episode really shines is that ending. There’s aspects of it that work really well, and I like Bob in the episode, but it’s just not one of the best examples of what a Bob episode can be. So there you have it. And boy was it exactly what you’d expect it to be. “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming” is an absolutely hilarious episode, and while it doesn’t feature a whole lot of mystery, it more than make up for that with terrific gags. Did you expect it to be anything else? I knew he wasn't in every season, but I was under the impression it was more like every other season. When I went back and looked at all of … The Sideshow Bob episodes also have quality in common with the “Treehouse” and Christmas episodes. Thanks for that I didn’t like the list where it included episodes like the telltale head. This story is just so wonderful, and I love the added twist of having Bob attempt to destroy Springfield, and Bart, through a less murderous route. “Cape Feare” was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore, 1993. His perpetually patient psychiatrist is a recurring element in the episode, forcing Bob to have flashes of … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He is a man with abnormally large feet and a keen intellectual mind who debuted as Krusty the Clown's often-humiliated sidekick. So, they put Bart in a bunch of different scenarios, one of which was to put him in a mystery story. Sideshow Bob episodes! Bart Simpson has never been portrayed as the brightest bulb in the bunch, and yet he has a preternatural skill at solving Bob’s schemes. Seeing Sideshow Bob recreate an Itchy and Scratchy episode by brutally killing Bart again and again while using some sort of device that brings him back to life is fun. “Black Widower” was written by Jon Vitti, Sam Simon, and Thomas Chastain, and was directed by David Silverman. It was a very pleasant surprise to find that the latest Sideshow Bob episode, and one of the latest episodes in general, was a pretty fun one. Category page. Still Welcome in North Dakota and Arizona: The Vacation Episodes Ranked. It features Kelsey Grammer in his tenth appearance as Sideshow Bob, as well as David Hyde Pierce in his second appearance as Cecil Terwilliger. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, better known as Sideshow Bob is, along with Mr. Burns, one of the main antagonists in the animated TV series The Simpsons.He is voiced by Kelsey Grammer.. Canning wrote that the episode "falls lowest in the ranking for a few reasons, but the biggest of these is the fact that Bob had no intention of killing Bart. Obviously, since this is just a segment of a Treehouse episode it doesn’t have a whole lot to it, and it doesn’t really get into any of the things that I enjoy about Sideshow Bob stories, the mystery, but there’s still a certain cathartic joy to be found in this episode, letting Bob vent his frustrations. Inspired by the movies Psycho and Cape Fear, this episode is sure to keep you on your toes. This episode is basically everything that I want from a Sideshow Bob episode. Seeing Sideshow Bob pull a New 52 Joker and just rip his own face off was just a tad over the line for me, pushing the episode too far into absurdity. Now, while the idea of Sideshow Bob cutting his own face off in order to pull of an evil scheme was just too much for me, the idea of him genetically splicing himself into a literal supervillain was just a bit better for me. And speaking of that catharsis, “the Italian Bob” is an episode that really shows off why Sideshow Bob hates the Simpsons. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 25, 2007. This was the second episode that really featured Bob, and it really cements what most of the episodes in the future would be modeled after. And yet, there is one thing that this episode has going for it. Like I said in my article, it really feels like this is meant to be the final Sideshow Bob episode. Brother from Another Series (23 February 1997) 7. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  I think it only has him in a scene. Bob’s reign of terror is brief, but it’s kind of refreshing to see him win for once. And I love these episodes so much. The Sideshow Bob half of this episode is pretty fun, but the fact that the first act meanders with the vacation aspect, which ends up leaving this episode in kind of a weird state. There are extensive historical references as Bobo’s journey is traced from Mr. Burns through the hands of Adolf Hitler and an expedit… It … In the episode "The Italian Bob", Bob married a woman named Francesca, who gave birth to their son Gino. This episode, which initially masquerades as a vacation episode, only for the Simpsons to randomly encounter Sideshow Bob in Italy, trying to start a new life. ( Log Out /  The Terwilligers are the members ofSideshow Bob'sfamily. Francesca Terwilliger ('nee Vendetto) is a supporting antagonist in The Simpsons episodes "The Italian Bob" and "Funeral for a Fiend". Very cool. He is a sadistically obsessed psychopath by trying to kill Bart, yet he is often very smart and sophisticated to talk, and has shown redeeming features in the past such as deciding against killing Krusty when he realized that he regretted mistreating him (which led to his start to villainy). And it’s just a little too weird to hold together for me. Sideshow Bob is a funny palm tree hair human villain that hails from the Simpsons universe. But, it’s still a really fun little mystery. I guess it's not that far off. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. It’s full of funny Frasier references which make for classic and memorable gags, but it’s all bolstered by a really great mystery. It was the sixth highest rated show on the Fox network that week. After being released from prison on parole, Sideshow Bob plots to murder Bart. Tagged as: Lifetime of Simpsons, Ranked, Sideshow Bob, the Simpsons, Wrap-Up. Same, I was surprised how little episodes there were! What follows is a surprisingly thoughtful Sideshow Bob episode from Season 29, as the criminal mastermind is forced to confront the reality of his situation. This was the episode where Sideshow Bob performed surgery on himself in order to switch faces with another convict in order to escape prison and kill Bart. We do get to see Bart and Lisa on the case, working hard to stop Bob’s schemes, which I love, and it’s made even better by how absolutely insane this episode is. It takes a while for Bob to really become important in the episode, but when he finally escapes from prison in order to find Bart and finally get his vengeance, things really kick into gear. It’s such a relatively minor thing to have thrown him down a path that would eventually lead to him almost firing a nuclear bomb at Springfield just a couple months ago. Directed by Rich Moore. But, the things I find most interesting about the episode is the ending. Bart Simpson however exploited his scheme and ever since he has been trying to kill Bart, or do something directed to him. Submit it to us here! Let's not overlook Bob's singing the score to the HMS Pinafore, sending Bart … Maybe that's because there is less competition in the 31st season than during the glory days of "The Simpsons." Having said that, he has 6 in the first 8 seasons (which are my most watched), so maybe that’s where the misconception came from! But, no matter how fun those two episodes are, the fact that they’re so strange, and go so far outside the structure of a Sideshow Bob episode makes it hard for me to really like them. It’s not a great Sideshow Bob episode, and it’s not a great vacation episode. Sideshow Bob endured much as it was to be expected from being clown sidekicks, suc… “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming,” was written by Spike Feresten and directed by Dominic Polcino, 1995. “Sideshow Bob Roberts” was written by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein and directed by Mark Kirkland, 1994. Sideshow Bob is released from prison and runs for Mayor of Springfield. “Gone Boy” was written by John Frink and directed by Rob Oliver, 2017. All because Bart helped prove that he framed Krusty the Klown for robbing a convenience store. Likely due to his upbringing, he has a passion for theater, knowing Gilbert and … “The Man Who Grew Too Much” is a super strange episode, from top to bottom. It’s funny to think back on the long tenure of Sideshow Bob and remember that it all began with him framing Krusty for armed robbery, just because he wanted control of the show. The only problem with this episode is that it can be a tad forgettable. In 2009, IGN's Robert Canning placed "The Italian Bob" last on his list of the "Top 10 Sideshow Bob Episodes" (at that time, ten episodes revolving around the character had aired). Robert Terwilliger (aka Sideshow Bob) began his career as \"Sideshow Bob\", a non-speaking sidekick on Krusty the Clown's television show. It’s interesting that “Gone Boy” featured Bob attempting to use a nuclear bomb on Springfield, since he’s tried that and failed once before. “Krusty Gets Busted” was written by Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky and directed by Brad Bird, 1990. During The Simpsons' 21 seasons, Sideshow Bob has been featured in an episode eleven times. It’s just such a solid episode. This Citizen Kane homage gets into the backstory of Mr. Burns, recalling his beloved childhood teddy bear, Bobo, that he discarded in exchange for ascension to a life of wealth — and his lifelong quest to recover the treasured object. It's the greatest Sideshow Bob episode: the one with the rakes. Aristotle Amadopoulos: Jay Sherman: Llewellyn Sinclair and Mrs. Sinclair: Enrico Irritazio: 8 Jane … I thought he was in more but I think this is right. Now we’re getting cooking. It does seem like the show started to worry at a certain point that they needed to do something new with Sideshow Bob. His younger brother, Cecil, was actually the one who was auditioning for the role, which Krusty was not impressed by and saw Bob as the ideal comic foil who would be ridiculous and never stand him up. “The Man Who Grew Too Much” was written by Jeff Westbrook and directed by Matthew Schofield, 2014. Who knows if that will actually stick, but it’s an interesting way to end the saga of Sideshow Bob if they choose it to be. (Bob … If there are any other lists you’d like me to make comment it and I’ll see what I can do! I really love the mystery of this episode, especially when it straight up becomes an Agatha Christie story with Bart telling us all what happened. I didn’t include those episodes because they aren’t considered canon. The way things pan out, what with the secret son of Frank Grimes coming to kill Homer in revenge for the death of his father, is pretty weak, and the worst part of the episode. “The Great Louse Detective” wasn’t a very traditional Sideshow Bob episode, but I do enjoy the idea that they flipped the script and had had Bob investigating a murder rather than planning one. The first season of the Simpsons is such a strange assortment of stories. Directed by Mark Kirkland. Clown in the Dumps; Sideshow Bob Roberts; Krusty Gets Busted; Cape Feare; The Great Louse Detective; Treehouse of Horror XXVII; Bob is a great character, brought to life by Kelsey Grammer’s consistently great performances, and his episodes are almost all incredibly solid. And we’ll be starting things off by discussing one of my favorite categories of Simpsons episodes. Which is how an episode like “Funeral for a Fiend,” which is an incredibly dull Sideshow Bob episode, manages to beat them. All while wrapped up in a hefty dose of political satire, making for one of my absolute favorite episodes of all time, let alone Sideshow Bob episodes. That episode isn’t all about sideshow bob though, is it? Sorry for … Here is a list of the episodes of The Simpsons with Slideshow Bob in order by air date. And I think it succeeded more than any of the previously mentioned episodes. But it is a hell of a ride. And it all begins with this episode, which succeeds in making it all believable and fun. It ends on a note where Bob finally realizes that this fixation on the destruction of Bart Simpson is a hollow pursuit, and that he should finally just give it all up and lead a normal life, and that’s fascinating. “It’s as perfect an episode of television as I’ve ever seen,” Ortved says. And “The Bob Next Door” is probably my least favorite of the whole bunch because of this. I’ve always found the idea that Sideshow Bob is just a murderous Frasier pretty funny, and this episode doubles down on the far superior “Brother From Another Series” by tossing in the late John Mahoney as the pair’s father, Dr. Robert. And, when confronted with that realization, he decides to finally change. Press J to jump to the feed. And man do I love the fact that in the end he’s brought down by his own hubris, refusing to admit that he isn’t a tactical genius. Part One (S6E25) - 9,2. Plus, the revelation that Bob actually was on the level this time, and that Cecil is actually the one behind the evil scheme this time, assuming that everyone would just blame Bob is fantastic. She is also a daughter-in-law of Robert Terwilliger Sr. and Dame Judith Underdunk, and a sister-in-law of Cecil Terwilliger. It still delights me that the people behind the Simpsons decided that a recurring feature of this show should be to include episodes where the members of the Simpsons family have to deal with a murderous kids-show host, let alone the fact that they’re some of the strongest episodes of the series. Even if it’s not exactly the deepest episode. When I went back and looked at all of the articles I wrote about these episodes, I was a little surprised that my reaction to this episode upon revisiting it was a little off.

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