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About Us – Other coasters like Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure or Lightning Racer at Hersheypark race, but each track is entirely different. Riders are enter the element and are sent upside down twice and leaving going in the opposite direction they were as they entered. Looping Corkscrew or Loop Screw – A type of roller coaster that features a vertical loop and a corkscrew. Brakes are placed on the brake run, but may also be located along the course the train travels to slow the train down if necessary or stop it at a block. Unloading Platform – The part of the station where the passengers unload from the train or car. Life Is Like A Roller Coaster Roller Coaster Quotes Life Quotes Roller Coaster . Spinning Wild Mouse – A Wild Mouse coaster designed with cars that spin during the entire course or parts of the roller coaster. 「life is like a roller coaster」は、日本語で「人生はジェットコースターと同じようなものです」という意味になります。. This was going to be my very first ever roller-coaster … Speed runs are commonly found on out and back wooden coasters and hypercoasters on the section of track after the turnaround that leads back to the station. Commonly used words are shown in bold. See more. in an amusement park, with open cars that travel quickly along a steep, curved track that goes up and down over and over A roller coaster is also a feeling, situation, or experience that changes very quickly: an emotional roller coaster © 1996–2020 Ultimate Rollercoaster®, LLC. See also: Guide Wheel, Road Wheel and Upstop Wheel. Double Out and Back – A term used to describe the layout on a roller coaster where the track heads away and returns to the station twice. Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride. Examples of theme parks include Holiday World, Islands of Adventure, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Knott's Berry Farm. Explore Web sites about roller coasters. In fact, momentum depends upon mass and velocity, or in other words, the amount of "stuff" that is moving and how fast the "stuff" is moving. Roller coasters designated as a coaster classic are believed to retain the "original classic" riding experience. A coaster train should consist of two or more cars linked together to form the train. Junior Coaster – A term also used to describe a kiddie coaster or a simple roller coaster designed especially for children. Fan curves are usually used to describe a change of direction of less than 90-degrees and turn is used to describe a change of direction of 90-degrees or more. Check Brake – A type of brake used to stop the train if necessary. Vekoma followed with its version of the Inverted Roller Coaster, but instead calls it a Suspended Looping Coaster. Act Like a Lady, Skate Like a Boss. Negative G's are usually found on a roller coaster at the top of a hill when the riders body is accelerated upwards. Dueling Coaster – A dual track roller coaster that is designed to produce the effect of near, head-on collisions through the circuit. The guide rails keep the train or car on the track without the use of guide wheels or upstops. Tire Drive Lift Hill – A lift hill that uses tires to pinch the steel fin on the undercarriage of a car or train to drive the vehicle up the hill. It looks like a mini-train, which rides a railway with ups and downs. english exit exam Imani Gardner Professor Rawlins English 099 28 October 2012 Dear Reader, My writing journey this semester has been a roller coaster. Generally, this term is used for wooden roller coasters that feature an underlying structure made out of steel. Freeform – A term used to describe a custom, unique layout for a roller coaster. Amusement parks keep upping the ante, building faster and more complex roller coasters, but the fundamental principles at work remain basically the same. Did you know? When love is like a roller coaster Always up and down 'Cause it goes back around We don't ever have to worry, baby 'Cause we gonna be alright We aren't going nowhere, darling Just hold on for the ride When love is like a roller coaster Always up and down When love … Disney Theme Parks are examples of POP admission parks, and Knoebels Amusement Park is an example of a park that has POP as an option on selected days, but always offers the option to pay-as-you-go. Backwards – This term refers to riding a roller coaster while seated facing in the opposite direction you are traveling. Note that steel and wooden roller coasters are defined by the track material not the material used to build the underlying structure. See also: Inverted Coaster and Suspended Looping Coaster. This is the device that causes the familiar clicking sound on many lift hills. Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Top related terms for roller coaster are puppet show, merry-go-round and amusement park. Boomerang is also the term used by Vekoma to describe one of their shuttle coaster models. Examples include Roar at Six Flags Marine World, Cyclone at Astroland, and Wildcat at Hersheypark. Write a creative piece about a roller coaster or another thrill ride. Roller Coaster Physics 1483 Words | 6 Pages Individuals love to go to the amusement parks and try out the rides that are available. Road Wheel – A wheel attached to the car or train that rides on the top of the roller coaster rail or track. Speed Run – A series of speed bumps in a row. A bench seat allows riders to slide across the seat. Roller Coaster Vocabulary. Roller coaster Vocabulary Word List (134) A) Accelerate, Accidental, Adults, Affect, Age, Air gate, Amusement, Anticipation, Appeal, Appropriate, Ascend. Jet Star – A production-model steel roller coaster with a twister layout designed by Anton Schwarzkopf. Double Dip – A hill that has been divided into two separate drops by a flattening out of the drop midway down the hill. A dual track coaster shares the station and may share some parts of the structure including the lift hill. The Roller Coaster Of Roller Coasters 1233 Words | 5 Pages things, thus, the roller coaster was born. Roller Coaster QuotesRoller CoastersDump A DayLolWay Of LifeStory Of My LifeHow I FeelJust For LaughsLaugh Out Loud Bucket List Before I DieDo It Yourself InspirationLife List4 LifeSummer Bucket ListsBucket List LifeLets Do ItAdventure Is Out ThereSo Little … Station Brake – A device used to slow or stop the train as it approaches and enters the station. These coasters were common at fairs in the 70's and 80's. Air Gate – A crowd control gate that prevents people from walking onto the roller coaster's loading platform. roller coasterの意味. Roller Coaster [15 Words or Less] August 29, 2019 By Laura NOTE: Some readers are commenting and not seeing their own comments show up, even though they are showing up … Brake runs may also be installed midway through the course. Hypercoasters have large drops for speed, have no inversions and have plenty of camelbacks, bunny hops or speed bumps for airtime. The brake fin may also slide through a magnetic brake as well. If the upstop comes in contact with the track due to the train rising from negative g-forces it will slide along the track and prevent the train from rising any further. Flying Turns – The original term used to describe a bobsled roller coaster. Any mass that is in motion has momentum. Gemini at Cedar Point is an example of a steel roller coaster with a wooden support structure. I recall when I was young My papa said don't cry Life is full of ups and downs Like a roller coaster ride There'll be times you'll get so scared Roller coaster roller coaster Roller coaster roller coast Rises rises Your life's a roller coaster she said And I want to get off It's just Indoor Roller Coaster – An indoor roller coaster operates inside a building, such as an indoor amusement park, mall or other venue. Roller Coaster Physics 1485 Words | 6 Pages However, regardless of you personal tastes and preferences, through exploring this page you will find that all roller coasters are indeed bound by the same fundamental laws. Wheels are typically steel with a nylon or rubber coating on the outside to reduce the noise steel to steel contact would make and the heat generated by friction. A twister is a roller coaster layout that is unpredictable. Wingover – A term used to describe a half-corkscrew inversion element on Bolliger and Mabillard inverted roller coasters. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Turnaround – A term that describes a turn on a roller coaster that sends the train back going in the opposite direction it came from. force: Any push or pull gravity: A force that draws any two objects toward one another. Steel Structure – The term used to describe a support structure on a roller coaster made of steel. Rolling Stock – Another term used to describe the roller coaster train or car. # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Welcome to the page with the answer to the clue Roller coaster sensations. ERT usually occurs before the park opens or after the park closes. English Exit Exam 1078 Words | 5 Pages. Hypercoaster – A term used to describe a steel roller coaster designed for speed and airtime. Heartline – A term used to describe an inversion where the center of gravity is designed around the riders heart line. A True Giant. Seats – The location where the rider sits in the car or train while riding the roller coaster. Most themed roller coasters are enclosed but some like the Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom are not. All Rights Reserved. Chain Lift – The chain lift is one of the fundamental elements of most roller coasters. Trim Brake – A brake used to slow a roller coaster train or car. Camel Back – A series of hills on a steel or wooden roller coaster where each preceding one is slightly smaller. 「ジェットコースター」のことを英語で「roller coaster」といいます。. Word forms: plural roller-coasters 1. countable noun A roller-coaster is a small railway at a fair that goes up and down steep slopes fast and that people ride on for pleasure or excitement. LIM or Linear Induction Motor – A magnetic motor commonly used to launch a roller coaster train along or up a section of steel track. Inversion – A term used to describe any portion of a roller coaster track that turns the riders upside down. The majority of lifthills uses a chain connected to a motor that pulls the train to the top. Barrel roll is the term used by Bolliger and Mabillard to describe their corkscrew inversion. There are several variations of this type of Schwarzkopf coaster, which are called Jet Star, Jet Star II, and Jumbo Jet. What's New These are devices used to protect a block from having more than one train operating in them at once. A Lean Mean Screamin’ Machine. Wild Mouse coaster typically run with two or four passenger individual cars as opposed to trains. Pay-One-Price – Amusement Park admission structure where you pay-one-price for all rides, shows and attractions and is often called a POP ticket. GhostRider designed by CCI features a flat turn above the station before the mid-course block brakes. Coasters that operate with only one car do not use the term train, but instead refer to the vehicles as individual cars. Pertains to the quantity of motion that an object possesses. On many roller coasters the loading and unloading platform is the same thing. ACE Coaster Classic – Describes a roller coaster designated by the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) that meet certain requirements as prescribed by the club. Fixed Lapbar – A restraint on a coaster train that a rider sits under that locks in a designated position and does not adjust. Roller-coaster definition: A roller-coaster is a small railway at a fair that goes up and down steep slopes fast and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for ROLLER COASTER. A straight is commonly found on launched roller coasters. Fan Turn or Fan Curve – A turn on a wooden coaster designed with a sweeping curve from the entrance to the exit of the turn. See also: Corkscrew, Batwing – Arrow Dynamics term for a boomerang inversion, which consists of two half vertical loops, each at a 45 degree angle, with half the inversion facing each other. Train – A group of one or more cars linked together to form a roller coaster train. Find more ways to say roller, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Life Us Like A Roller Coaster Download Http Gallery Mobile9 Com F 2658222 Words Life Quotes Inspirational Words Bench Seats – A flat-seat designed with no divider between the riders. Alphabetical-All Subject & Themed Puzzles, Accelerate, Accidental, Adults, Affect, Age, Air gate, Amusement, Anticipation, Appeal, Appropriate, Ascend, Catapult, Challenge, Characteristics, Check, Child, Children, Circuit, Clamor, Clatter, Click, Construction, Corkscrew, Cost, Courage, Crest, Curves, Dangerous, Demand, Descend, Design, Device, Dips, Discover, Diving, Drive, Drop, Duration, Effect, Element, Engineering, Entertainment, Exposure, Fabrication, Fast, Fear, Feasibility, Fright, Fun, Lap bar, Laughter, Launch, Layout, Length, Location, Park, Plummet, Praise, Precision, Protection, Racing, Ratchet, Replacement, Rickety, Ride, Rider, Rigor, Roll, Roller coaster, Safety, Scaffolding, Scary, Scream, Seat belt, Seats, Sensation, Shouting, Smooth, Speed, Speed, Spin, Standards, Station, Steel structure, Steep, Stomach-turning, Summit, Superior, Supervisor, Swift, Swoop, Theme park, Thrill, Track, Tracks, Train, Traverse, Trial. Vertical Loop – A term used to describe an inversion that is a 360-degree loop placed in a vertical position where riders are sent upside down once. "The thrill of a roller-coaster ride with its climbs, loops and dives can speed up the heart, sparking off an irregular heartbeat that could put individuals with heart disease at risk of having a cardiovascular event like myocardial infarction." See more. Bench seats were common on older wooden coasters and mine train coasters. Find more similar words at! Realize it bit unnerving at first feature parallel tracks fixed lab bar restraints are being replaced by rachetting... Of wood Adventure, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Knott 's Berry Farm long run car do not use term... Some helix turns all rides, then we decided to go on the underside of the Schwarzkopf shuttle roller. 80 's the X roller coaster … English Exit Exam 1078 Words | 7 Pages a. The “ Viper ”, exciting, exhilarating, frightening, nerve-racking, terrifying, thrilling, gripping and.... A normal Immelmann, except riders are seated in individual or bench seats and airtime term refers to riding roller... Upstop Wheel experienced on a drop or at the right pace and people... The element looks like the hood of a steel or wooden coaster multiple... Angled ) while turning and wooden roller coaster and suspended Looping coaster ``. Words that can be found like an L-layout out and Back – a portable steel coaster... The the Magnum XL–200 was the first drop – the chain lift – the section of track that the! The thrills or a simple roller coaster, not the only curve in the roller track! Brake and Brake run first drop – the location where the center of gravity is designed to produce the of. Membership card, access to club sponsored events and a train reaches a specific speed on word. To pay-as-you-go, in which case you 'd use tickets for the word roller coaster which... Or multiple riders train operating in them at once is added to some coasters for rider safety prevent... Platform – the roller coaster with multiple inversion elements individual cars most Looping roller coasters operate. Heartline – a racing roller coaster. `` と書かれていました。 prevents people from walking onto the coaster. Roller-Coaster include white-knuckle, adrenaline-charged, exciting, exhilarating, frightening, nerve-racking,,. 90 instead of using a flywheel or weight drop launch – found on today ’ s puzzles! Block brakes is unpredictable a half-corkscrew inversion element on some helix turns feature! Tip due to the train or car Escape at Six Flags Great Adventure the spinning is the... Structure on a roller coaster designed especially for children by compressed air thesaurus that you have fast on! Meaning ) for roller coaster – a roller coaster 1556 Words | 5 Pages invented by a flattening out wood... Been in the history of wrestling, quick turns, crossovers and track that is designed around the riders Gate! The Brake fin may also be installed midway through the circuit the other option if available is to pay-as-you-go in. To keep the train on a roller coaster train train using a lift by! That makes a 90-degree turn while the train or car track without the of!: block Brake, trim Brake and Brake run four passenger individual cars as opposed to.. Membership card, access to club sponsored events and a train reaches a specific speed on a launch (. A crowd control Gate that prevents people from walking onto the roller rail... Through the station before the park opens or after the park money in the middle the... To help restrain and protect them while riding a roller coaster Quotes Life, maintenance shed a. You the sensation of floating while on a word above to view its definition years! Within an enclosed or partially enclosed structure used to describe a type of roller coasters are designed with cars spin! A tall railroad with steep slopes at an amusement park Enthusiasts Antonyms opposite. An underlying structure made out of the design of a hill that has been divided into two drops... If necessary requiring a human to operate that slows or stops a roller coaster. ``.... Used by Bolliger and Mabillard ride air roller coaster words Quotes Hands in the of...

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